Kauai County Park Facilities

Tennis Courts:

Kapaa New Park - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Olohena Road, Kapaa Town Heading North, in the middle of Kapaa Town at the traffic signal, turn left onto Olohena Road.  Courts located about ¼ mile on right side.

Wailua Homesteads Park - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Kamalu Road, Wailua Heading North, just past the Wailua Bridge, at the traffic signal, take a left off of Kuhio Highway onto Kuamoo Road. Travel up about 3 miles and turn  right onto Kamalu Road.  Courts located about ½ mile on right side.

Wailua Houselots Park  - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Nonou Road, Wailua Heading North, take a left off of Kuhio Highway onto Heleilio Road, about ¼ mile toward the mountain take left fork onto Nonou Road.  Courts located about  ½ mile on the right side.

Lihue County Park - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Hardy Street, Lihue On Hardy Street, courts located between the Wilcox Elementary School and the Convention Hall (White Dome Building).

Puhi Park - (2 Courts-No Lights)  Located at the end of Nani Street, Puhi Heading West on Kaumualii Highway just past Chiefess Kamakahele School, turn left on Nani Street.  Courts located on the left, at the end of street.

Koloa Park - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Maluhia Road, Koloa Heading West on Kaumualii Highway, turn left onto Maluhia Road to Koloa Town.  Courts located on left almost at the end of road before Koloa Town.

Kalawai Park - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Puuwai Road, Kalaheo Heading West on Kaumualii Highway, turn right and right again on Puuwai Road.  Courts located about ¼ mile on left side into Kalawai Park.

Hanapepe Park - (4 Lighted Courts)   Located on Puolo Road, Hanapepe Heading West on Kaumualii Highway, turn left onto Puolo Road, just past Hanapepe Bridge.  Courts located near ocean on right side.

Waimea High School - (2 Lighted Courts, 2 Courts-No Lights)  Located on Haina Road, Waimea Heading West on Kaumualii Highway, in Waimea Town, just past the Waimea High School, turn right on Makeke Road.  Drive past the Neighborhood Center and turn right onto Haina Road.  Courts located on the school grounds.  No restrooms at this location.

Kekaha Park - (2 Lighted Courts)  Located on Elepaio Road, Kekaha Heading West on Kaumualii Highway, in Kekaha turn right on Alae Road, heading up to Waimea Canyon.  Courts located just left on Elepaio Road.


HANALEI DISTRICT:  (38.93 Acres)

Haena Park, 5.50 Acres - Beach Park 
  Pavilion, Comfort Stations, Picnic & Camping, Lifeguarded Beach

Hanalei Black Pot, 2.47 Acres - Beach Park 
  Comfort Station, Picnic & Camping

Hanalei Pavilion, 1.34 Acres - Beach Park
  Picnic Pavilion, Comfort Station, Lifeguarded Beach

Waioli Beach Park, 6.41 Acres - Beach Park
  Comfort Station, Picnic

Waioli Town Park, 5.50 Acres - Neighborhood Park
  Soccer Field, Playground Equipment, Lighted Basketball Court 

Anini Beach Park, 12.53 Acres - Beach Park 
  Picnic & Camping, Comfort Stations, Pavilions, Boat Ramp

Kilauea Park, 4.93 Acres - Neighborhood Park
  Playground Equipment, Lighted Softball Field, Comfort Station

Kilauea Dispensary Park, .25 Acres - Neighborhood Park
  No facilities

KAWAIHAU DISTRICT:  (211.11 Acres)

Anahola Beach Park, 1.54 Acres - Beach Park 
  Picnic & Camping, Comfort Station

Anahola Village Park, 6.99 Acres - Neighborhood Park
  Playground Equipment, Soccer Field, Comfort Station, Pavilion

Anahola Haw’n Homes Park, 4.95 Acres - Neighborhood Park 
  Clubhouse, Little League Field, Basketball Court, Playground Equipment, Restrooms

Kapaa Beach Park, 17.54 Acres - Beach Park 
  Pavilions, Picnic

Kealia Beach Park, 66.00 Acres - Beach Park  
  Lifeguarded Beach, Portable toilets only

Kapaa New Park, 18.08 Acres - District Park     
  Little League Field, Baseball Field, Football Field, Lighted Softball Field and Tennis Courts,
  Lighted Roller Hockey Rink, Basketball Court, Comfort Stations

Kapaa Town Park, 2.78 Acres - Beach Park   
  Soccer Field, Comfort Station, Pavilions

Kapahi Park, 4.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park    
  Playground Equipment, Little League Field and Soccer Field, Comfort Station

Gore Park, .73 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Passive Beautification Park

Horner Park, .18 Acres - Neighborhood Park    
  Passive Beautification Park

Waipouli Park, 2.93 Acres - Beach Park   
  Picnic Tables

Wailua Houselots Park, 10.05 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Little League and Softball fields, Basketball Court, Pavilion, Playground Equipment, Lighted Tennis Court, Comfort Station

Wailua Homesteads Park, 16.63 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Little League and Softball Fields, Basketball Court, Soccer Field, Pavilion, Playground Equipment, Lighted Tennis Court,  Comfort Station

Wailua Riverview Park, .86 Acres - Neighborhood Park    
  No facilities

Lydgate Park, 57.85 Acres - Regional Park      
 Comfort Stations, Picnic Shelters, Pavilions, Kamalani Playground, Ocean Pools, All Terrain Wheel Chair,  Lifeguarded Beach, Bike path, Camping Grounds

LIHUE DISTRICT:  (95.76 Acres)

Hanamaulu Beach Park, 6.45 Acres - Beach Park   
  Pavilions, Comfort Stations, Picnic and Camping, Playground Equipment

Peter Rayno Park, 3.59 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Lighted Softball Field, Basketball Court, Comfort Station, Playground Equipment

Wiliko Park, 2.28 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Playground Equipment, Basketball Court

Laukona Park, 2.59 Acres - Neighborhood Park    
  Playground Equipment, Basketball Court

Isenberg Park, 9.16 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Lighted Softball Field, Comfort Station, Practice Football Field, Playground Equipment

Lihue County Park, 3.28 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Little League and Pony Fields, Soccer Field, Comfort Station

Kalena Park, 1.33 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Basketball Court, Playground Equipment, Comfort Station

Nawiliwili Park, 6.27 Acres - Beach Park     
  Comfort Station, Playground, Volleyball, Picnic-Comfort Station, Picnic

Niumalu Park, 3.41 Acres - Beach Park   
  Picnic, Boat Ramp, Pavilion/Restrooms, Playground Equipment

Pua Loke Park, .63 Acres - Neighborhood Park   
  Playground Equipment, Basketball Court

Puhi Park, 3.40 Acres - Neighborhood Park   
  Playground Equipment

Puhi Subdivision Park, 4.37 Acres - Neighborhood Park     
  Playground Equipment, Tennis Court, Little League Softball Field, Comfort Station, Pavilion Tennis Courts

Ulu Ko Park, 4.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park   
  Playground Equipment

Hokulei Subdivision Park, 2.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Playground Equipment, Concrete Walkway

Molokoa Park, 4.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  No Facilities

Middle School Park, 5.00 Acres - Not Developed

Vidinha Stadium, 34.00 Acres - Stadium/District  
  Athletic Complex, Baseball Field, Lighted Football Field, Track, 10 Acre Parcel Adjacent to Vidinha Stadium Converted to Soccer Fields, Restrooms


Koloa Park, 11.28 Acres - District Park   
  Pavilion, Comfort Stations, Little League and Baseball Fields, Lighted Softball Field, Tennis Court and Basketball Court, Playground Equipment

Kukuiula Harbor Park, .93 Acres - Beach Park   
  Pavilion, Comfort Station, Boat Ramp

Spouting Horn Park, 4.44 Acres - Passive Park   
  Vendor Booths, Comfort Station

Poipu Beach Park, 5.44 Acres - Beach Park   
  Pavilions, Comfort Stations, Picnic, All Terrain Wheel Chair, Lifeguarded Beach

Waikomo Park, 3.74 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Soccer Field, Comfort Station

Weliweli Park, 9.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Basketball Court, Open Field, Comfort Station

Waha Park, 2.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park   
  Paved Parking Lot, Soccer Field, No Facilities

Kalaheo Little League, 1.38 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Practice Little League Field, Comfort Station, Park Used by Kalaheo School

Omao Park, 2.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park    
  Playground Equipment

Kalawai Park, 21.04 Acres - District Park   
  Comfort Stations, Little League and Baseball Fields, Basketball Court, Lighted Softball Field and Tennis Court, Playground Equipment, Foodbooth, Pavilion

Eleele Nani Park, 7.50 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Playground Equipment

Eleele Park, 2.86 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Multi-purpose Softball and Little League Field, Comfort Station, Pavilion, Basketball Court

WAIMEA DISTRICT:  (69.63 Acres)

Hanapepe Stadium, 14.68 Acres - Stadium/District Park   
  Comfort Stations, Baseball and Little League Fields, Lighted Football field and Tennis Courts, Practice Football Field

Hanapepe Town Park, 1.07 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Playground Equipment, Basketball Court, Comfort Station

Hanapepe Heights Park, .91 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Playground Equipment, Basketball Court, Comfort Station

Hanapepe Cliffside Park, 1.75 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Playground Equipment, Fencing, Landscaping

Salt Pond Park, 5.90 Acres - Beach Park   
  Pavilions, Comfort Stations, Picnic, Camping, Lifeguarded Beach

Hanapepe Pavilion, .81 Acres - Beach Park   
  Pavilion, Comfort Station

Kaumakani Park, 3.45 Acres - Neighborhood Park   
  Multi-purpose Softball and Little League Field, Basketball Court, Pavilion, Comfort Station

Lucy Wright Park, 4.48 Acres - Beach Park   
  Picnic, Camping, Pavilion, Comfort Station

Smokey Valley Park, .48 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Basketball Court, Clubhouse, Restrooms

Hofgaard Park, .30 Acres - Neighborhood Park  
  Passive Beautification Park

Waimea Neighborhood Park, 1.86 Acres - Neighborhood Park 
  Playground Equipment, Comfort Station

Waimea Athletic Field, 11.73 Acres - District Park   
  Playground Equipment, Little League and Baseball Fields, Pavilion, Foodbooth, Lighted Softball Field and Basketball Court, Comfort Stations

Kekaha Faye Park, 8.51 Acres - District Park     
  Lighted Tennis Court and Softball Field, Baseball Field, Practice Football Field, Comfort Station, Track, Lighted Basketball Court, Playground Equipment

Kekaha Beach Park, 9.70 Acres - Beach Park   
  Pavilions, Comfort Station, Picnic, Lifeguarded Beach

Kekaha Gardens Park, 4.00 Acres - Neighborhood Park