Real Property Tax Appeal

2014 Taxpayer's Notice of Real Property Tax Appeal

Please note that the form must be mailed or hand delivered to the Real Property Assessment Division by December 31, 2013.

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Real Property Forms and Handouts (PDF format)

The following forms must be submitted by mail or in person. Forms will not be accepted through email or fax as original, hand-written signatures are required.

 TitleModified DateDescription
Understanding your Real Property Taxes12/30/2014Summary of real property tax relief programs
2015 Tax Rates6/18/2015Resolution No. 2015-26 establishing real property tax rates for fiscal year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016
Use Survey Form4/11/2016Initial "use survey" was mailed to "improved" properties to establish Tax Classification for 2013. To amend tax class, please notify our office of new use(s) by completing this form.
Criteria For Change To Tax Classification3/12/2015A list of necessary documentation provided by the Owner of the property, should the Owner wish to have their Tax Classification changed.
2017 Additional Income Exemption & Very Low Tax Relief4/4/2016Gross Income of $59,400 or less from 2015 Federal or State Income Tax Return, reduces your assessment by $120,000; Very Low Income Tax Relief with gross income of $39,200 or less computes taxes at 3%. Filing deadline is September 30th.
Income Affidavit4/20/2016Affidavit used when taxpayer no longer is required to file U.S. Federal Income Tax or Hawai`i State Income Tax returns. Signature must be notarized.
2017 Long Term Affordable Rental Program 5/12/2016Tax Relief program for those Owners providing affordable rental units for 1-year or longer at a rate as set forth by the Kauai County Housing Agency. Deadline to file for the 2017 real property tax year is September 30th, 2016.
2017 Home Preservation4/18/2016Tax Relief program to reduce taxes for those properties assessed at $750,000 or more, gross income of all title holders does not exceed $100,00, Home Exemption for 10 years or more. Deadline to file September 30th.
*NEW* Administrative Rules8/12/2015Real Property Tax Classification Rules, effective August 5, 2015.
Change of Mailing Address3/10/2014Change of Mailing Address
Kuleana Tax Exemption3/19/2015Tax exemption application form for Kuleana land owners. Filing deadline SEPT 30TH
N-172 Form2/11/2013N-172 State Tax Form used as Physician's Certification Form. RP Form P-6 should accompany this form. Filing deadline SEPT 30TH
RP Form P-31/30/2015Home Exemption Claim Form, Rules & Policy Filing deadline SEPT 30TH
RP Form P-51/23/2013RP Form P-5 Claim for Charitable & Miscellaneous Exemption. Filing deadline SEPT 30TH
Requirements of Charitable/Nonprofit Exemption2/3/2012Requirements for filing charitable or nonprofit exemption. Filing deadline SEPT 30TH
RP Form P-5A1/23/2013RP Form P-5A Claim for Low & Moderate Income Housing. File in duplicate annually by SEPT 30th
RP Form P-68/8/2014RP Form P-6 Claim for Exemption - Totally Disable Veteran, Hansen's Disease, Blind, Deaf, or Totally Disabled
RP Form P-71/24/2013RP Form P-7 Claim for exemption by Public Utilities. Filing deadline SEPT 30TH.
RP Form P-912/18/2015Deployed Active-Duty Military Personnel Exemption
RP-107/22/2010Administrative Rules for Home Use & Homestead
RP-117/22/2010Administrative Rule for Assessment of Property
RP Form P-416/25/2013RP Form P-41 Petition to Dedicate Land for Agricultural Use. Deadline July 1st
Additional Information to Accompany Petition to Dedicate1/24/2013Description of criteria for crop, crop spacing, forestry, pasture for horses and pasture for livestock to qualify for Agriculture Dedication
Agricultural Dedication Program Rules1/24/2013Administrative Rules of the Director of Finance Relating to Dedication of Lands to Agriculture Use under Section 5A-9.1 of the Kauai Co. Code 1987
Application for Tree Farm Development1/28/2013Tax exemption application for Tree Farm Development
RP Form P-431/25/2013RP Form P-43 Notice of Change in Facts Reported on Home Exemptions claim
RP Form P-483/9/2012Claim for Disaster Relief Form
RP Form P-51 - Tax Apppeal Form12/28/2015Taxpayer may submit the Tax Appeal Form disputing the assessed value between December 1st through December 31st
RP Form P-531/27/2015RP Form P-53 Tax Map Order Form and instructions
RP Form P-701/25/2013RP Form P-70 Taxpayer's Notice of Complaint
RPA Form 1/20006/25/2014RPA Form 1/2000 Claim for Safe Room Exemption, including safe room criteria
Commercial Alternative Energy Exemption1/6/2015Exemption for energy production facility that generates, stores or distributes energy from renewable energy sources
Petition to Dedicate for Historic Preservation3/19/2015Application for Historic Preservation dedication. Deadline JULY 1ST

Real Property Forms and Handouts (DOC format)

The following forms must be submitted by mail or in person. Forms will not be accepted through email or fax as original, hand-written signatures are required.

 TitleModified DateSizeDescription
Understanding Real Property Taxes12/30/2014300.00 KBUnderstanding your Real Property Taxes