Lobbyist Registration

Ordinance No. 999, Relating to the Registration of Lobbyists was adopted by the Council of the County of Kauaʻi on second and final reading on March 23, 2016 and approved by the Mayor on March 30, 2016.

Chapter 3, Article 6, Section 3-6.3 of the Kauaʻi County Code 1987, as amended, requires each lobbyist to complete and file with the Office of the County Clerk, as early as possible, but no later than five (5) days after engaging in lobbying, a Registration Statement.

Lobbyist Registration Statement Instructions
Lobbyist Registration Statement

Chapter 3, Article 6, Section 3-6.5 of the Kauaʻi County Code 1987, as amended, requires all lobbyists to file with the Office of the County Clerk on or before January 31st of each year, a Contributions & Expenditures Statement which shall cover the period from January 1st through December 31st of the previous year.

Lobbyist Contributions & Expenditures Statement Instructions
Lobbyist Contributions & Expenditures Statement

Lobbyist Registration Statements

 TitleModified Date 
ARAKAWA, David Z.4/30/2018Download
BELLES, Michael J. (Hawaii Electrician's Market Enhancement Program)6/13/2018Download
BELLES, Michael J. (PRW Princeville)6/5/2017Download
BELLES, Michael Joseph (CIRI Land Development)6/5/2017Download
BRODY, Bev12/12/2016Download
CLAY, Murray Richard5/29/2018Download
COOKE, Jesse K.5/29/2018Download
DATTA, Eric Kyle5/29/2018Download
DEAL, Chad Jesse9/6/2016Download
DEAL, Chad Jesse11/2/2018Download
DELAUNAY, Christopher M.9/8/2016Download
ELLAMAR, Stacy E.O.9/8/2016Download
ELLAMAR, Stacy E.O. (Termination)3/19/2018Download
FREDERICK, Anne C.10/10/2017Download
GAUG, Kevan Greg5/29/2018Download
GOLD, Joy5/22/2017Download
GRAHAM JR., Max W. J. (Leight)5/1/2017Download
GRAHAM JR., Max W.J. (PRW Princeville)5/1/2017Download
HAYASHI, Clyde T.8/15/2016Download
HAYASHI, Clyde T. (Termination)1/12/2018Download
HENNESSEY, Amy Melinda5/29/2018Download
HOLLAND, Fern Anuenue9/21/2018Download
JUNG, Ian K. (Hawaii Electrician's Market Enhancement Program)6/13/2018Download
JUNG, Ian Kawika (PRW Princeville)6/13/2018Download
KANNA, Nancy Ann8/4/2016Download
KANNA, Nancy Ann (Termination)8/25/2016Download
KIMURA, Joy N.8/15/2016Download
LEE, Brandon Toshihisa5/29/2018Download
LEE, Peter H. M.8/15/2016Download
MOIR, Stephanie Makananani Tami1/20/2017Download
MOIR, Stephanie Makananani Tami (Termination)1/19/2018Download
NISHIMITSU, Lorna Akiko2/17/2017Download
NISHIMURA, Randall Tetsuo2/14/2017Download
PERRIELLO, Mark L.9/13/2016Download
RIETOW, Allan S.12/19/2017Download
SAIKI, Valerie Kei7/17/2018Download
SHIGEMOTO, Tom H.8/11/2016Download
TENBRUGGENCATE, Jan W.2/17/2017Download
TOKIOKA, Beth1/30/2017Download
YAMANE, Michael1/30/2017Download

Contributions & Expenditures Statements

 TitleModified Date 
BELLES, Michael J. (CIRI Land Development) (2017)10/1/2018Download
BELLES, Michael J. (PRW Princeville) (2017)12/26/2017Download
BRODY, Bev (2016)1/9/2017Download
BRODY, Bev (2017)1/23/2018Download
DEAL, Chad (2018)11/2/2018Download
DEAL, Chad J. (2017)1/17/2018Download
DEAL, Chad Jesse (2016)1/13/2017Download
DELAUNAY, Christopher M. (2016)1/23/2017Download
DELAUNAY, Christopher M. (2017)1/16/2018Download
ELLAMAR, Stacy E.O. (2016)1/23/2017Download
ELLAMAR, Stacy E.O. (2017)1/16/2018Download
ELLAMAR, Stacy E.O. (2018)4/5/2018Download
FREDERICK, Anne (2017)8/7/2018Download
GOLD, Joy (2017)1/10/2018Download
GRAHAM JR., Max W.J. (Leight) (2017)12/20/2017Download
GRAHAM JR., Max W.J. (PRW Princeville) (2017)12/20/2017Download
HAYASHI, Clyde T. (2016)1/24/2017Download
HAYASHI, Clyde T. (2017)1/16/2018Download
JUNG, Ian K. (2017)1/30/2018Download
KANNA, Nancy Ann (2016) - Submitted by Self1/18/2017Download
KANNA, Nancy Ann (2016) - Submitted by the Kauai Board of Realtors)1/18/2017Download
KIMURA, Joy Y.N. (2016)1/24/2017Download
KIMURA, Joy Y.N. (2017)1/12/2018Download
LEE, Peter H. M. (2016)1/24/2017Download
LEE, Peter H. M. (2017)1/12/2018Download
MOIR, Stephanie Makananani Tami (2017)1/19/2018Download
NISHIMITSU, Lorna A. (2017)1/30/2018Download
NISHIMURA, Randall T. (2017)1/19/2018Download
PERRIELLO, Mark (2017)1/22/2018Download
PERRIELLO, Mark L. (2016)1/24/2017Download
RIETOW, Allan S. (2017)1/29/2018Download
SHIGEMOTO, Tom H. (2016)12/27/2016Download
SHIGEMOTO, Tom H. (2017)12/18/2017Download
TENBRUGGENCATE, Jan W. (2017)12/18/2017Download
TOKIOKA, Beth (2017)1/5/2018Download
YAMANE, Michael (2017)1/5/2018Download