Road Testing

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General Information

Road test applicants must call in  to 808-241-4242 to book any road test.  Please leave a voice messgae with your name, call back number and permit number. 

If you are under 18, to book a road test you must also have completed your drivers education requirments and provide your drivers education certificate of completion numbers and the drivers education instructors number for both certificates.  If you are not completed with the required drivers education requirments you will not be permited to schedule a road test.  

Applicant is required to provide the vehicle that is to be used for the road test and meet the following requirements:

  1. The vehicle must meet all Safety Standards.
  2. Provide a current and valid safety inspection certificate.
  3. Provide an original current Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration.
  4. Provide an original valid Hawaii Insurance Identification Card.
  5. Both the information on the Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration and the Hawaii Insurance Identification Card must match and include the following information:
    • Name of Registered Owner.
    • Make and Serial Number (Vehicle Identification Number – VIN) of the vehicle.
    • Names of the Insured and Insurer, Policy Number and Effective Dates of Coverage. If there are two registered owners, the insurance card must show at least one of the names. If the vehicle is leased, the insurance card may be in the name of either the leasing company or the lessee. However, if the insurance card shows the name of the lessee, you must provide proof of the lease agreement.
  6. A rented vehicle may be used for the road test only if the applicant has a valid out of country drivers' license accompanied by an international driver permit and meet the following conditions:
    • The applicant's name must be listed on the rental agreement.
    • Obtain the vehicle's original current Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration and a Hawaii Insurance Identification Card from the Rental Company.

The Examiner of Drivers may reject any vehicle which is deemed unsanitary or unsafe.

Road test may be cancelled by the Examiner of Drivers due to inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies, as deemed necessary without notice to the general public. However, you must call again to reschedule your appointment.

How to Pre-Check Your Vehicle

Please check that the vehicle you will be using is ready for the road test. The passenger compartment, seat and floor space must be clean and free of any obstructions. Know where your vehicle documents are kept in the vehicle. After your documents are reviewed by your driver license examiner, they will be given back to you to place in your vehicle prior to the road test.

We have compiled the following checklist to help you pre-check your vehicle for the road test:

  1. Vehicle documents are in order (see “Class 3 Road Test Requirements(PDF, 89KB)”).
  2. Turn signals work properly.
  3. Brake lamp lens are not cracked or broken.
  4. Vehicle does not have any stickers on any of the windows.
  5. Front and rear license plates are properly mounted on the vehicle.
  6. All brake lamps are in proper working condition.
  7. Vehicle's horn is audible and in good working condition.
  8. All lug nuts in place and tire tread depths are at least 2/32 of an inch.
  9. Vehicle is free of any obnoxious odors and/or parasites.
  10. Vehicle instrument panel gauges and warning indicators do not indicate low fuel, excessive engine temperature, low oil pressure, charge battery, etc.
  11. Driver and passenger seat belts are clean and in good working condition.
  12. Door handles, windows, and door locks are in good working condition.
  13. Windshield is not cracked or chipped.
  14. Window Tinting:
    • Approved by an official safety inspection station and noted on the vehicle's safety check inspection certificate.
    • Tinted windows that appear too dark are subject to tint meter verification to ensure compliance prior to the road test.
    • Front windshield shade tint must be above the AS-1 marker or no more than four (4) inches from the top center of the windshield if there is no AS-1 marker.
  15. For Convertible and Jeep type vehicles: Canopy top must be engaged in the closed and locked position covering the passenger compartment.

Road Test Check-In

Road tests are administered from our DMV office. Both the applicant and the accompanying driver are required to check in 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment or the appointment maybe cancelled or rescheduled.

Your accompanying driver must be 21 years of age or older and present his or her valid driver's license to the examiner. Valid Hawaii Driver's learner Permit and vehicle documents (see "Class 3 Road Test Requirements(PDF, 89KB)";) to the driver license examiner.

If you are under 18 years of age, present both your Drivers Education and Behind the Wheel Completion Certificates when you check in for the road test. You must also show your certificates to your driver license examiner.

You may be required to bring the necessary documents for the verification of Legal Presence.

Please pre-check your vehicle to ensure that it is ready for the road test. 

Instructions to Applicant for Road Tests

Identified below are the requirements that the applicant will have to adhere to, while taking the road test:

  1. The applicant must: 1) Possess a valid instructional permit (if under 18, you must also have/present your drivers education certificates); 2) Have an appointment for the road test; and 3) Appear at the appointment 15 min early with an accompanying driver who possesses a valid driver’s license and is over the age of 21 years old; 4) After presenting to the front door greeter, wait outside until the Driving Examiner comes to meet you to check you in.
  2. The vehicle with which the applicant desires to conduct the road test, must have the accompanying documents:
    1. Valid vehicle registration;
    2. Valid vehicle safety check;
    3. Valid vehicle insurance.
  3. The vehicle must also pass the pre-trip portion of the road test (inspection), which will be conducted prior to executing the road test. If the vehicle does not pass the pre-trip inspection, the road test will be rescheduled.
  4. The applicant will perform the road test and follow the instructions of the Driver License Examiner (DLE).
  5. To ensure the health and safety of both the applicant and the DLE, the following proactive measures will be used:
  6. Upon completion of the road test, the applicant will continue to follow the instructions of the DLE and return the vehicle back to the driver license facility as directed by the DLE.
  7. The results of the road test will be explained to the applicant.
  8. A copy of the road test evaluation will be provided to the applicant. If the applicant successfully passes the road test, the DLE will direct the applicant to the DL facility for processing for a Provisional Driver’s License. If the applicant fails the road test, the DLE will instruct the applicant to reschedule a road test for another time.