Finance Department Rules & Regulations

00 Index
01 Examiner of Drivers Under Highway Safety Act, Ch 286, HRS
02 Issuance of a Hawaii Driver's License and Learner's Instruction Permit
03 Petitions for Creation of Rules Appeal and Dec Rulings
04 Governing Issuance of Special Number Plates
05 Pertaining to Used Motor Vehicles Parts and Accessories
06 Hearings subsequent to Seizure or Impoundment of Motor Vehicle
07 Permanent registration of fleet vehicles (MVR)
08 Amended Rules re Admin of Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act, Ch 287 HRS
09 Suspension and-or Revocation of Official Inspection Station or Inspector
10 Motor Vehicle Staggering Registration authorized by HRS Section 286-51
11 Issuance of permanent MV dealer plates & temporary MV plates for new vehicles
12 Taxicabs
13 Motor Registration New Car Dealers and Car Rental Companies
14 Licensing guide, signal or hearing, or service dogs
15 Dedication of Landscaping Open Space Public Recreation
16 Land as Wasteland Development Property
17 Real Property Tax Exemption for Low and Moderate Income Housing
18 Tax Moratorium on Building Rehab Projects Exemption for Improvements
19 Tax Exemption and Dedication of Historic Real Properties
20 Dedication of Lands for Permanent Home Use
21 Tree Farm Development Exemption
22 Agricultural Dedication Program Rules
23 Home & Related Exemption Rules & Assessment of Property Rules, Adopted 0...
24 Board of Review (11-10-2012)
25 Real Property Tax Classification Rules
26 Spouting Horn Park Charitable & Non-profit Corp
27 Revocable Permits to Vend within County Rights-of-Ways