Training Bureau


The Fire Department Training and Research Bureau is responsible for training firefighters in a variety of disciplines. Training is one of the gears that drive the department. Training classes include incident command, fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, act of terrorism, rescues of all types and operation of trucks and boats.

The goal is to provide the County of Kauaʻi with proactive response teams with professional skills and knowledge. This bureau is also charged with research and evaluation of new equipment for cost effectiveness, compatibility and safety.

The backbone of the Kauaʻi Fire Department training program is the drills conducted on a regular and continuing basis on each of the crews during work shifts. Thousands of documented man-hours are spent every year on in service drills.

The Training Officer acts as the Safety Officer on major operations under the incident command system and also chairs the safety committee of department personnel meeting on a regular basis.

Two more responsibilities of the bureau are training new recruit classes and facilitating course's for the Fire Chief and administration section


To develop and maintain a proficient, professional and structured training program that will enhance services to the community and safety for department employees.

  1. Review and update department training manuals.
  2. Standardize drills to give personnel structured training throughout the department.
  3. Enhance safety programs. Train fire fighters to think and practice safety at all times on the job.
  4. Utilize computer programs to maintain complete and accurate drill records for all personnel.
  5. Integrate water safety officers and their training into the department.
  6. Adhere to national standards of incident command training and implementation.
  7. Train to the highest medical standards possible.