Benefits of Becoming a County of Kaua‘i Employee

What are the County benefits and mandatory deductions associated with this job being posted?

Full time positions come with the following BENEFITS and associated deductions:  

  • Pay raises: Pay raises are negotiated by the respective union for this position.
  • Paid Vacation Time: Employees start accruing paid vacation time immediately upon hire! 14 hours are earned after a full month of service which means 21 days per year!
  • Paid Sick Leave Time: Employees start accruing paid sick leave time immediately upon hire! 14 hours are earned after a full month of service which means 21 days per year!
  • Paid Holidays: The County recognizes 13 holidays per year as well as General Election Day every other year.
  • Retirement: These positions are eligible to participate in the State sponsored defined benefits retirement plan. The State of Hawai'i Employees' Retirement System (ERS) is the current retirement plan which requires employees to contribute a portion of their earnings to the retirement plan. Please see the ERS website for more information.
  • Health Insurance: The County pays a portion of the premiums for employee's enrollment in a State sponsored Medical, Drug, Vision, and Adult Dental Plan. This is managed through the Hawai'i Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF). Please see the EUTF website for current employee contribution rates.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Employees can increase their take-home pay by having the County deduct the cost of health care premiums, medical and dependent care expenses before payroll taxes are withheld.
  • Group Life Insurance: The County provides a free life insurance policy for active employees. For more information and the current life insurance benefit coverage amount, go to the EUTF website. Age reductions apply and coverage decreases beginning at age 65.
  • Workers' Compensation/Temporary Disability Insurance: The County provides workers’ compensation benefits if an employee is injured on the job. Employees may also qualify for the County’s self-insured temporary disability insurance for personal injuries.
  • Social Security: The County matches 6.2% of an employee’s taxable salary which is withheld for social security.
  • Deferred Compensation (IRC Section 457 Plan): Employees are eligible to join the State of Hawai'i Island Savings Deferred Compensation Plan and defer portions of their income taxation on retirement savings into future years. Please refer to the Island Savings website for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Benefits are subject to legislative and negotiated changes.