Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall

The Department of Parks & Recreation (DOPR) provides quality recreational and leisure time experiences for residents and visitors of the County of Kaua‘i.

The Kaua‘i War Memorial Convention Hall is a popular venue for social events with strong bookings up to a year in advance. The facility includes an auditorium, special events/exhibit hall, kitchen, conference room, and a board meeting room.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their request online to begin the application process.

Application Instructions

Step 1.Applicants are required to complete all sections of this application. All proposed activities and events are subject to the approval of the County of Kaua‘i - DOPR. DOPR will return the application if it is incomplete.

Step 2.Submittal of an application does not grant a permit or confirmation to conduct the event.

Step 3.Please allow 2-3 business days for staff to respond.

Step 4.All applications are subject to review and are to be submitted at least 15 days prior to event date.

Step 5.During this time, applications are being accepted up to 12 months before the event.

Step 6.If you have any questions, please call (808) 241-6623 or email lrapozo@kauai.gov.

Should you require additional assistance or have no access to a computer/internet, please call (808) 241-6623 to schedule an appointment for in-person assistance.

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