Office Of Economic Development

Department Summary

The Office of Economic Development (OED) is provided by law (c.20, HRS; Sec. 2-15. R.C.O.1976)

Department Mission
The Office of Economic Development works, in partnership with the community, to create economic opportunities towards the
development of a healthy, stable and balanced economy for the residents of the County of Kauai.

The Office of Economic Development (OED), as a government entity, interfaces with business and community leaders as well as other
government programs to enhance Kauai's economic development activities. OED is responsible to provide technical and financial
support, as feasible, for both large and small business establishments or existing and emerging new industries which offer full
employment for Kauai's residents.

Department Goals
The Office of Economic Development Departmental Goals are as follows:

  • Foster and strengthen a well-qualified labor force consistent with local industry direction and workforce needs.
  • Expand and strengthen well-balanced visitor industry promotions and businesses aligned with enhancing island-wide product development projects.
  • Increase support and collaboration to ensure the continual growth and expansion of Kauai's agricultural project.
  • Increase advocacy and coordination efforts for energy efficiency projects, energy emergency preparedness programs, and increase use of renewable resources.
  • Increase high level film location productions and expand business development efforts to secure a major film studio complex on Kauai.
  • Improve the facilitation of coordinated research, market analysis, and compilation of local industry/community-related data and statistics to support business and community development. 

Contact Information

photo of Nalani Brun

Nalani K. Ka'auwai Brun


Office of Economic Development
4444 Rice Street, Suite 200
Lihue, HI 96766 

Phone: (808) 241-4946


Hours of Operation
Mon – Fri
7:45am to 4:30pm


Services Offered
By appointment only or via phone. 
Please call 241-4946 to schedule an appointment.

22-23 Economic Development Innovation Grant

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize
2022-2023 Innovation-Community Grant Sample ApplicationSandy Kaauwai 8/1/2022564.25 KB
2022-23 OED Innovation-Community Grant RFPSandy Kaauwai 8/1/2022991.86 KB
Amplifund Grant Application User GuideSandy Kaauwai 8/1/20221.73 MB
Grant Opportunity InformationSandy Kaauwai 8/1/2022703.26 KB

County Revocable Permit Application to vend within a County Right of Way Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize
County ROW Permit Application ChecklistSandy Kaauwai 10/17/202227.93 KB
County ROW Permit Application Insurance Certificate SampleSandy Kaauwai 10/17/202283.57 KB
County ROW Sample Notification LetterSandy Kaauwai 10/17/2022125.25 KB
County ROW Sample Notification ListSandy Kaauwai 10/17/202240.51 KB
County ROW Vending OrdinanceSandy Kaauwai 10/17/2022985.28 KB

Link to the County Right of Way Permit

21-22 Economic Development Innovation Grant

 TitleOwnerModified DateSize
21-22 Innovation Grant Application LinkSandy Kaauwai12/6/2021Unknown
21-22 Innovation Grant RFPSandy Kaauwai12/6/2021598.67 KB
21-22 Innovation Grant Sample ApplicationSandy Kaauwai12/6/2021980.49 KB
21-22 Innovation Grant Webinar Registration LinkSandy Kaauwai12/6/2021Unknown
22-23 OED Innovaton Grant InformationSandy Kaauwai8/1/20222.83 KB
Amplifund Grant Application User GuideSandy Kaauwai12/6/20211.73 MB

ARPA Grant Documents

 TitleOwnerModified DateSize
2021 ARPA Non-Profit Recovery Grant Program GuidelinesSandy Kaauwai9/29/2021312.38 KB
ARPA Grant Application Link (Opens at 8am HST on October 5, 2021)Sandy Kaauwai10/3/2021Unknown
ARPA Grant Program Questions & AnswersMelissia Sugai10/4/202186.09 KB
ARPA Grant Webinar LinkSandy Kaauwai10/4/2021Unknown
Sample ARPA Application Sandy Kaauwai9/30/20211.82 MB

20-21 Innovation Grant Reporting Forms

 TitleOwnerModified DateSize
Innovation Grant Progress Report - Financials FormSandy Kaauwai3/31/2021790.30 KB
Innovation Grant Progress Report FormSandy Kaauwai7/14/2021880.20 KB

20-21 Economic Development Innovation Grant RFP

 TitleOwnerModified DateSize
Addendum #1 to Innovation Grant RFP - Q&ASandy Kaauwai12/22/2020172.66 KB
Amplifund User GuideSandy Kaauwai12/13/20201.73 MB
Application Link for Innovation GrantSandy Kaauwai12/13/2020Unknown
Innovation Grant Progress ReportSandy Kaauwai3/31/2021880.20 KB
Innovation Grant RFPSandy Kaauwai3/31/2021416.91 KB
Link to Amplifund System Help VideosSandy Kaauwai12/13/2020Unknown
Watch the Innovation RFP Webinar!Sandy Kaauwai12/22/2020Unknown


 TitleOwnerModified DateSize
Proposed Sunshine Market RulesSandy Kaauwai2/13/2023115.19 KB
Rules and Regulations for Revocable Permits to Vend in Right-Of-WaysMelissia Sugai12/5/2018969.01 KB

2019-2020 RFP Documents - Grant in Aid request period is currently CLOSED.

 TitleOwnerModified DateSize
19-20 RFP Final Report Written & Financial Exhibit C&DMelissia Sugai7/15/201924.19 KB
19-20 RFP Progress Report Exhibit BMelissia Sugai7/15/201918.39 KB