Tropical Cyclone Olivia

Tropical Cyclone Lane

April 2018 Flooding

Mayor's Emergency Proclamation (04/14/18)

Supplementary Emergency Proclamation (04/22/18)

Second Supplementary Emergency Proclamation (05/23/18)

Third Supplementary Emergency Proclamation (07/11/18)

Fourth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation (09/07/18)

Fifth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation (11/05/18)

Mayor's Emergency Rule #1 (rev. 11/05/18)

  • Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. has issued the following statement in regards to the emergency proclamation and rule in effect for the County of Kauai:

"The safety of our residents in the affected areas of Wainiha and Haena continues to be of the utmost priority. I want to remind everyone that due to emergency roadwork repairs on Kuhio Highway from Waikoko to Wainiha, the current emergency proclamation and rule is necessary for the well-being of our entire community.

“It is my intention to continue this emergency rule – which limits access to residents and authorized vehicles only – until the highway is deemed safe for normal travel. It is also my intention to continue to extend this emergency proclamation until all county-repairs are completed.”

“Mahalo to the people of Kauai as well as our visitors for your continued patience, understanding and aloha while we as a community remain committed to the recovery of our North Shore.”