Communications Section

About the Communications Section

The Kauai Police Department's Communications Section is the 4th largest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the state and serves as the PSAP for all Emergency Service Calls on Kauai that include Police, Fire, and Medical Calls.

The Communications Section is divided into three primary sections:

  • Call Taker: Call takers receive non-emergency calls
  • Radio Dispatcher: The radio dispatcher dispatches all police related calls
  • Emergency Dispatcher: The emergency dispatcher receives all 911 calls for Police, Fire, and Medical Calls
  • All dispatchers are cross-trained to handle all types of calls including police, fire, and medical calls. The communications section is comprised of a maximum of 21 dispatchers including 3 supervisors, 1 Police Sergeant, and 1 Police Lieutenant.

911 v Non-Emergency Calls

911 Should only be used during an active emergency. This includes fire and medical emergencies as well as crimes in progress.

808-241-1711 is the non-emergency line which should be used for all other inquires that are not a medical emergency or crimes not in progress.

What is Text to 911

Text to 911 was launched statewide in 2016. It is an emergency service that is provided to all mobile users in the state, including visitors from out of state. It allows someone to use their activated cell phone to contact the 911 center via text message instead of calling 911.

Number of Calls

Calendar Year 2019, the PSAP received a total of 149,735 calls. 61,754 were emergency 911 calls which is an increase of 17.35% from 2018. We also received 103 Text to 911 calls. The PSAP also routed 51,177 Calls for Service, of which 42,270 were for police services, 6,791 were fire, and 6,189 were medical service calls.

Calendar Year 2018, the PSAP received a total of 149,569 calls. 52,623 were emergency 911 calls and 78 Text to 911 calls. The PSAP also routed 49,343 Calls for Service, of which 40,983 were for police services, 6321 were fire, and 5608 were medical service calls.

Text to 911


When should someone use text to 911?

Text to 911 should only be used if you are in a situation where it is not safe to place a voice call to 911, if you are experiencing a medical emergency where you are unable to speak or hear, if you are unable to call 911 due to sporadic cell coverage, and if you are unable to speak or hear due to an injury or physical restraint. Remember, "Call if you can. Text if you can't"