Patrol Services Bureau


Patrol Services Bureau Organization Chart


The Patrol Services Bureau, regarded as the “backbone of the department,” is responsible for providing first responder police services throughout the island of Kaua’i. They engage in the preservation of the public peace, prevention of crimes, and the pursuit of offenders. PSB enforces State and County laws and ordinances and protects the rights of individuals. PSB accomplishes this while maintaining the department’s mission of treating people with respect.

The bureau is divided into three (3) main districts, Kawaihau, Lihue, and Waimea. The bureau also has four vital support sections: Traffic Safety Section, Communications/Dispatch Center, Detention Center/Holding Facility and Domestic Violence Intervention Coordinator. These districts and sections operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Traffic Safety Section is responsible for traffic enforcement and investigating major traffic collisions involving serious injuries or fatalities. They assist with various community events throughout the island which may have a traffic related concern and conduct car seat checks island wide. The Abandoned and Derelict Vehicle Coordinator position is now under the Traffic Safety Section.

The Communications/Dispatch Center is responsible for dispatching the entire County of Kaua’i Police, Fire and Medical personnel, as well as other county agencies after hours.

The Detention Center/Holding Facility is responsible for providing continuous supervision and security for individuals being held within police custody.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Coordinator primary area of responsibility is as a special case manager for all incidents of family, child and elder abuse, as well as protective order and temporary restarting order violations.