Regulatory Review

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do some grading / grubbing / stockpiling, what do I have to do?

See either of our three (3) sets of application / instructions located below in the "Forms, Applications and Instructions" area on this page:

  • Grading Permit Application / Instructions
  • Grubbing Permit Application / Instructions
  • Stockpiling Permit Application / Instructions

I need a streetlight on the road near my house, what do I do?

To request a street light, write a letter to:

Department of Public Works
4444 Rice Street
Mo`ikeha Building, Suite 275
Līhu`e, HI 96766-1340

Provide your name, telephone number, mailing address and a description of where you are requesting the streetlight. It would be helpful to us if you could provide the pole number where you want the light.

A street light on my street is flickering or went out, who do I call?

Call the KIUC Power Plant at 246-8200.

How do I request an address for a new building?

Addresses are assigned during the Building Permit Electronic Plan Review process, based on the submitted site plan for the dwelling or other building. For large lots, a new address will only be assigned AFTER the Planning Department and the State Department of Health, if applicable, approve their reviews.

How do I request address for existing building?

To request an address for an existing building which has never been assigned a proper address, please send an email message to or write a letter to:

County of Kauai, Department of Public Works
Engineering Division – Address Review
4444 Rice Street, Suite 275
Lihue, HI 96766

Please make sure to INCLUDE the property’s Tax Map Key and a Site Plan that shows the driveway or access road that provides access from a named street to the building.

Forms, Applications and Instructions

Title Description
Agricultural Exemption Form(PDF, 8KB) Ordinance 808 Agricultural Exemption Form
Application For Notice of Intent (NOI) to Grade and Grub(PDF, 13KB)
Best Management Practices (BMP'S) for Sediment and Erosion Control(PDF, 3MB) The purpose of this manual is to provide a guide for the selection of site-specific Best Management Practices (BMP'S) that need to be employed in all grading, grubbing, and stockpiling work as mandated by Ordinance 808.
Certification of a "No-Rise" Determination(PDF, 848KB) Certification form to be completed by a registered Professional Engineer for proposed floodway development. The form certifies that the proposed development will not result in any loss of flow conveyance during the 100-year flood.
Flood Ordinance No. 831 Flood Plain Management Ordinance in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program
Grading Permit Application(PDF, 29KB)
Grading Permit Cash Bond(DOCX, 16KB)
Grading Permit Cash Bond (Out of State)(DOCX, 16KB) for Out of State Notaries.
Grading Permit Deposit Agreement(PDF, 70KB)
Grading Permit Surety Bond(PDF, 92KB)
Grubbing Permit Application(PDF, 26KB)
Request to Access a Goverment Record(PDF, 126KB) Form for Document Request
Road Permit Application(PDF, 24KB) (revised 5/2020) Permit for construction work within the County RIght-of-Way.
Sediment and Erosion Control Ordinance No. 808 Kauai County Code 1987 Relating to Grading, Grubbing & Stockpiling
Standard Notes for Construction(DOCX, 39KB) water pollution and erosion control notes; dust control; environmental control notes
Standard Project Title Sheet for Subdivisions(PDF, 536KB) Project title sheet for subdivision projects
Stockpiling Permit Application(PDF, 26KB)
Subdivision Plan Checklist(PDF, 450KB) County of Kauai Subdivision Plan Checklist
Traffic Calming Measures - County Code Requirements Kauai County Code Requirements for Requesting and Installation of Traffic Calming Measures on County of Kauai Roadways