Propane & Other Pressurized Tanks

Propane Tanks


Propane tanks with VALVES INTACT ONLY are accepted from residents free of charge at the Hanalei, Kapaa, Lihue, and Hanapepe Refuse Transfer Stations. Tanks sized from 16 oz. up to 10 gallons (40 pounds) are accepted for recycling. Tanks exceeding 10 gallons (40 pounds) are not accepted at the Refuse Transfer Stations.

Large tanks exceeding 10 gallons are accepted at:

  • Puhi Metals with a $40 fee for valve removal and disposal. Call 245-6919 for location and hours of operation.
  • Airgas with a $91 fee for valve removal and disposal. If you purchase a new tank at Airgas, the fee is waived. Call 245-6766 for location and hours of operation.

Residentially generated tanks without valves should be taken to the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility. Note that valve removal should only be done by licensed professionals.


Commercial haulers are required to dispose of tanks at the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility. Propane Tanks of all sizes are accepted for a fee(PDF, 278KB) beginning May, 15 2017 at the Puhi Metals Facility if the valve has been removed so that it can be visually determined that there are absolutely no fluids contained within the cylinder. Note - do not attempt to remove valves yourself. Valve removal should be conducted by trained professionals only. Puhi Metals will accept tanks with valves for a fee.

Airgas with a $91 fee for valve removal and disposal. If you purchase a new tank at Airgas, the fee is waived.

Home Depot (632-2740) will take your old 5 gallon tank free of charge with the purchase of a new tank. They will take tanks in any condition. Call for details.

Acetylene tank warning

Acetylene tanks considered hazardous material

The Solid Waste Division would like to warn residents and businesses that they should not accept acetylene tanks from persons not qualified to distribute these types of containers.

Acetylene is not only flammable, it is considered a hazardous material and should only be handled by professionals. Older tanks also contain asbestos, making normal disposal impossible.

Distributors of acetylene tanks usually only do a swap of acetylene tanks if they are in good condition and do not take tanks that are too degraded. There are no drop off sites for acetylene tank disposal on Kaua‘i. Those with old or degraded tanks must contact a hazardous waste hauler on O‘ahu for proper packing and disposal (list available at hhw).

Acetylene tanks are not accepted at any refuse transfer station, the Kekaha landfill, or the Puhi Metals Recycling facility.

Other Pressurized Tanks

Any other pressurized tank should be brought to an air/gas distributor for proper devalving and disposal. Fees will be charged for this service. Non-acetylene devalved tanks can be brought to the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility free of charge for residents. Businesses will be assessed commercial rates.