Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan - Introduction

The County is in the beginning process of updating the Integrated Solid Wast Management Plan (ISWMP). The ISWMP represents a “roadmap” setting the County's vision for the future management of municipal solid waste. The planning goal is to develop a financially feasible plan for the residents and businesses of Kauai that maximizes waste diversion, ensures adequate disposal capacity, and protects the health of our island.

Several stakeholders will contribute to drafting the update including: the County's consultant, JACOBS; County administration and Public Works staff; a Solid Waste Advisory Committee appointed by Mayor Derek Kawakami comprised of Kauai residents, business, and government  representatives; as well as the general public. The planning process will be complex, and will include multiple Solid Waste Advisory Committee meetings, Council workshops, public meetings, and input from the State Department of Health. The draft ISWMP is expected to be sent out for public comment in January of 2021.

The ISWMP provides information on current solid waste management practices, and also provides recommendations and associated costs for program improvements. Issues addressed in the ISWMP include: source reduction and reuse, recycling and bioconversion, special wastes, hazardous and electronic waste, public education and information, transfer stations and landfills, refuse collection, materials and marketing procurement, alternative technologies to landfill, landfill, facility siting strategies, and a solid waste system cost analysis.

If you have questions about the ISWMP, please contact Allison Fraley at 241-4837.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Sunday, January 5, 2020
Next meeting

The next meeting will be for public review. An announcement will be made when these meetings are scheduled.

Monday, October 7, 2019
Mayor's Selection for the Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The following parties are the selected representatives for the 2019 Solid Waste Advisory Committee:

 Person / Agency

 Area of Representing

 Allen Evans, Resource Recovery Solutions (Puhi Metals)

 Recycling Industry

 Allison Fraley, SW Program Coordinator County of Kaua‘i


 Ben Sullivan, Energy & Sustainability Coord. County of Kaua‘i


 Brad Rockwell, Power Supply Manager KIUC


 Conrad Murashige, Chairman of the Board, Shio Construction

 Industry - Construction

 Eli Brainerd, Owner, Pacific Concrete Cutting and Coring

 Industry - Construction

 Fred Cowell, Kaua‘i Coffee Company

 Agriculture - Composting

 George Costa, Hawai‘i Lodging and Tourism to Assoc.

 Industry - Hospitality

 Howard Greene, Gay and Robinson


 Jesse Brown-Clay, Zero Waste

 Environmental Organization

 Lane Otsu, State Department of Health SW Branch


 Rick Renaud, SW Superintend County of Kaua‘i


 Scott Kouchi, President, Garden Isle Disposal

 Disposal and Recycling

Document Repository

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
SWAC Meeting Documents and Material

Friday, October 18, 2019
Link to Waste Characterization Study

The County performed a Waste Characterization Study in 2016 to assess the different types of waste that are going to landfill. The study is posted on our web page at


Wednesday, October 9, 2019
2009 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

SWAC Meeting Recordings

Meeting 1 audio recording-
Part 1, Part 2

Meeting 2 audio recording-
Part 1, Part 2

Meeting 3 audio recording-
Part 1Part 2, Part 3

Meeting 4 video recording-
Part 1Part 2

Meeting 5 video recording-
Part 1Part 2