Kaua'i Recycles Residential Drop Bin Program

The Kauaʻi Recycles Program is a residential recycling program

The program features eight (8) drop bins located throughout the island

Recycling Bin Locations

County Recycling Facility map

  • Hanalei at the Hanalei Transfer Station: 5-3751 Kuhio Hwy.
  • Kapaʻa at the end of Kahau Road past the Kapa'a Skate Park: 4900 Kahau Rd.
  • Lihu'e in the back of the K-Mart parking lot: 4303 Nawiliwili Rd.
  • Poʻipu in the Brenneke's Parking Lot: 2100 Hoone Rd.
  • Lawai Post Office: 2-3675 Kaumualiʻi Hwy.
  • Hanapepe Refuse Transfer Station: 4380 Lele Rd.
  • Waimea at the Waimea Athletic Field: turn up Huakai Rd.
  • Kekaha at the Kekaha Landfill: 6900-D Kaumualiʻi Hwy.

Items For Recycling

#1 & #2  Plastics 

  • Check recycling arrows on container
  • #1 Plastic bottles and jars usually includes water, beer, and soda bottles, and other single use beverage containers
  • #2 Plastic bottles and jars usually includes gallon milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, and shampoo bottles
  • Remove lids
  • Drain containers
  • Labels are okay
  • No black plastic
  • No bottles or jars 5 gallons and over 

Flyer PDF- Kauai Recycles Plastic

Kauai Recycles Plastic In and Out Flyer
Aluminum & Steel Cans

  • Rinse out any food residue!
  • Labels are OK
  • Do not place bags in the bin
  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil, pie & food pans
  • Bi-metal, and steel food cans (soup, veggies & pet food)
  • No pull tabs or loose lids off cans (peanut containers, dog/cat food, tennis balls)
  • No loose metal lids from bottles and cans.


  • Corrugated cardboard only
  • No wet or solid cardboard
  • Break down boxes to conserve space in the bin
  • Remove tape and strapping
  • NO cereal and food boxes or beer & soda boxes. Recycle these items with "Mixed Paper"


  • Remove caps and lids
  • Paper labels are okay
  • Drain all liquids
  • No light bulbs, television monitors, or other composite materials 

Mixed Paper 

  • White and colored paper accepted
  • Envelopes (windows are okay)
  • "Junk mail"
  • Magazines, catalogs, and glossy paper 
  • Phone books and paperback books
  • Cereal boxes, food boxes, beer & soda boxes (also known as boxboard)
  • Staples OK - NO binder clips, rubber bands or paper clips 
  • Paper egg cartons 
  • NO fluorescent papers, carbon papers, or hard cover bound books.
  • Newspapers- remove rubber bands and plastic bags