Life's Choices Kauai - Empowering our community to be drug-free.


Welcome to the Life’s Choices Kaua‘i Program (formerly called the Anti-Drug Program).

Our mission is to prevent drug and alcohol abuse and addiction on Kauaʻi; support the enforcement of Kauaʻi, state, and federal laws dealing with drug and alcohol abuse; provide drug and alcohol treatment resources for those in need; and help rehabilitated residents rejoin the Kauaʻi community as successful citizens.

Life’s Choices Kaua‘i offers effective substance abuse prevention strategies, education, and programs that are school and community based. Learn more about our programs and see how you can get involved. Do you or a loved one have a substance abuse problem? Visit our resources to find information for help and assistance. Life’s Choices Kaua‘i is overseen by Coordinator Theresa Koki.

Contact Information

photo of Theresa Koki
Theresa Koki
Life's Choices Kauai Coordinator

Life's Choices Kauai
County of Kauai, Office of the Mayor
4444 Rice Street, Suite 235
Lihue, Kauai, HI  96766

Tel: 808-241-4925
Fax: 808-241-6877