File a Complaint on a Liquor Licensed Establishment

The Kauai Department of Liquor Control reviews and responds to all liquor complaints received from the community related to liquor establishments. Please file your liquor complaint by submitting to us the Liquor Complaint Form below or call our office at (808) 241-4967 and leave a message. We respect your privacy and will keep your contact information confidential.

  1. How do I file a liquor complaint on a location with a liquor license? You may file a liquor complaint online, by phone or in person. Allow a minimum of five (5) business days for confirmation that we received your complaint.
    • Online: Complete the Online Liquor Complaint form at the link below and submit.
    • Call our office to leave a message, describe in detail the liquor complaint, name and/or address of the liquor establishment, date and time of the occurrence, any other specific information you can provide. Leave your name and phone number for a call back or you may remain anonymous.
    • In Person: Visit our office during regular business hours to voice your concerns to a liquor investigator. 
  2. How do I follow up on the status of my liquor complaint?

    If an investigator has already contacted you, you may call him or her directly. If you have not yet been contacted and it's been more than five (5) business days since you filed your liquor complaint, you may call to speak to our Supervising Liquor Investigator at (808) 241-4966.

  3. Do I have to identify myself when filing a liquor complaint?

    No. You can file your liquor complaint anonymously however, we will not be able to update you on the result of our investigation. If you wish to provide us with your name and contact information, we will keep that confidential to the extent possible, but sometimes a premises or persons named in your liquor complaint might be able to guess who is filing the liquor complaint. If a liquor complaint results in an adjudication hearing against the licensee, the liquor complaint and its entirety may be subject to disclosure due to the discovery process.