Forms & Applications


Title Description
Application Fee Schedule(PDF, 44KB) For New License, Transfer License, and Change of Location.
Special Non-Profit Liquor License Instructions(PDF, 225KB) Instructions for filing an application for a Special Non-Profit Liquor License
New Liquor License(PDF, 66KB) Instructions for new liquor license application
Transfer of Liquor License(PDF, 72KB) Instructions for filing an application to transfer a liquor license (excludes Dispenser and Cabaret licenses)
Transfer of Class 5 (Dispenser), or Class 11 (Cabaret) Liquor License(PDF, 75KB) Instructions for filing an application to transfer a Dispenser or Cabaret liquor license
Change of Location(PDF, 10KB) Instructions for filing an application for a change of location
Sample Map & Radius(PDF, 81KB) Sample map & instructions for preparing list of property owners/lessees of record


*All forms are fillable

Title Description
Notification of Authorized Agent Form(PDF, 110KB)
Request For Zoning Clearance(PDF, 295KB)
Application for Duplicate Liquor License(PDF, 84KB) Application for duplicate liquor license fee applies ($25)
Request for Warehousing of Liquor Away from Licensed Premises(PDF, 644KB) Application must be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the request.
Temporary / Permanent Increase Of Premise(PDF, 786KB) Packet includes Instructions
Request for Alteration of Licensed Premises(PDF, 563KB) Application must be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the requested alteration.
Add/Delete form for Officers/Directors of a Corporation(PDF, 292KB)
Temporary Decrease Of Premise(PDF, 248KB)
Request to Change Trade Name/Address/Contact Information(PDF, 329KB)
Add/Delete Members/Managers/Partners(PDF, 289KB) For LLC, Partnership, or Unincorporated Assoc.
Request For Use of Gaming Devices/Entertainment Machines & Equipment(PDF, 214KB)
Application for Liquor License Please submit all new liquor license applications at Liquor Licenses and Permits.
Personal/Criminal History, Affidavit of Felony Charges(PDF, 73KB) Instructions and Form
Special Non Profit Liquor License Application(PDF, 497KB) For non-profit organizations
Direct Shipper Permit Application As of March 1, 2022, Annual Fee $180.00. Permit is based on calendar year and permit fees shall be prorated. Applications can also be submitted using our online system at Liquor Licenses and Permits.
Solicitor's Permit Application(PDF, 50KB) Solicitor's Permit Application
Household Goods(PDF, 634KB) Permit to Receive Liquor from Outside the State of Hawaii
Renewal Application(PDF, 68KB) Application to renew liquor license
Notice of Employment Form / Registration Form(PDF, 356KB) Manager's Card Testing Registration Form (Blue/Red Card). Must have an appointment confirmed to take test.
Gross Sales Report - Wholesale; Manufacturer(PDF, 169KB) Gross Sales Report form for Class 3 and Class 1 Licenses
Gross Sales Report - Retail, Club, Tour/Cruise Vessel, Cabaret, Hotel, Brewpub(PDF, 176KB) Gross Sales Report form for Class 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, & 14 licenses
Gross Sales Report - Dispenser(PDF, 212KB) Gross Sales Report form for Class 5 licenses
Gross Sales Report - Restaurant(PDF, 186KB) Gross Sales Report form for Class 2 licenses
Disturbance Report Form(PDF, 833KB) Must be typed
Product Tasting Permit application(PDF, 217KB) Application for beer/wine/spirits permit
Notification of Off-Premise Catering Function(PDF, 56KB) Requires 5 days advance notice
Request for Cancellation or Safekeeping of Liquor License(PDF, 176KB) Required to be renewed May 1st annually