Lihue Community Plan (2015)

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Ch.1 Introduction and Process1/8/20183.88 MB
Ch. 2 Vision, Objectives1/8/20182.87 MB
Ch.3 Lihue Today (part 1of 2)1/8/20185.81 MB
Ch. 3 Lihue Today (part 2 of 2)1/8/20183.96 MB
Ch. 4 Future Land Use1/8/20187.27 MB
Ch. 5 Policies and Guidelines (Maps)1/8/20185.84 MB
Ch. 6 Implementation and Monitoring1/8/20186.04 MB
Ch. 7 References Cited1/8/20182.68 MB
Appendices1/8/201811.61 MB