Play Streets Kauai

Connecting Communities Through Active Play

2023 Annual Report is Available.

Click the following link: 2023-PSK-Report_Final-Draft.pdf(PDF, 2MB)


What are Play Streets?

Play Streets refer to the temporary closure of streets, that for a specified time period (around 3-5 hours) create a safe, publicly accessible space for [keiki, ʻōpio, and/or their ʻohana] to engage in active play (closures can be recurring or episodic).

-Guide to Implementing Play Streets in Rural Communities. 2019. Physical Activity Research Center (p. 8)

Host an Event

Play Streets Kauai can be organized by neighbors like you who form an organizing team or by a non-profit organization that provides direct service in the host community. Your team must include a resident of the street or community that will host the event

Play Streets Kauai CAN:
  • Last anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours

  • Join other activities or events (i.e., Kekaha Family Fun Day or Rice Street Block Party)

  • Collaborate with other organization or businesses providing services for your community.

  • Invite volunteers and participants from throughout the county.

  • (Must) Provide accessibility accommodations.

Play Streets Kauai CANNOT:
  • Block intersections or the highway.

  • Charge anyone for participation or discriminate.

  • Sale or solicitation of products or services.

  • Be requested for private parties

Tips for a successful event:
  • Plan for rainy and windy conditions.

  • Inform everyone who may be affected by the event.

  • Plan for enough volunteers.