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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a complaint regarding the operation of an unpermitted short term vacation rental unit?

Please contact the Planning Department, ask to speak to an inspector, and provide as much information as possible: name of the property owner; tax map key; street address; tax map key; copy of website ads; description of the activity; etc

Are you going to sell your TVR property?

The seller should provide buyer with (1) a copy of the complete file that originally documented the TVR use was properly determined to be non-conforming; (2) the most recent completed renewal application and all attachments; and (3) renewal letter issued by the Planning Department.  This should be provided so the buyer has a sample of the operational expectations of the Department for renewals. 

If the seller or its realtor does not provide this documentation, the BUYER or its realtor should request it.  Buyer beware!

When, and how, can I submit my renewal packet?

Owner’s renewal packet must be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, at least 2 months prior to the renewal date, to the:  Planning Department, 4444 Rice Street, Suite A473, Lihue, Hawaii 96766.  The green card returned to Owner by USPS is evidence of the date that the renewal packet was mailed.  Upon receipt of the renewal packet by the Department, it will be scanned into the Department’s mail system.  If the renewal packet is incomplete, it will be returned to Owner via USPS.

Dropping renewal packets off at the front counter of the Planning Department will no longer be accepted.

Is there a grace period for submitting a late renewal?

There is no grace period. A Cease & Desist and Notice of Forfeiture will be issued for the failure to renew. Ordinance No. 950 approved 7/23/2013 eliminated the reapplication ability for those submitting late.)

Can I apply for a short term vacation rental use of my property?

Any short term rental of a room within a home, or a home, less than 180 days is not permitted, nor can it be applied for. This limitation does not apply for properties within the Visitor Destination Area (VDA)

How do I verify if a TVR or homestay is legal or properly permitted?

Click on the above "List of approved Homestays & Non-Conforming TVR's by TMK." This spreadsheet lists the tax map key, TVR or permit number, address, facility name, and if they are current or not. If a facility is not listed, it has been issued a: Cease & Desist, Order to Show Cause, or an appeal is in process. The facility should not be in operation. Please call the Department for further information.

How can I get confirmation that the Planning Department has received my Renewal Application?

Owners who require proof of submitting their application should mail their complete application via Certified Mail, return receipt requested to the mailing address of the Planning Department (4444 Rice Street, Suite A473, Lihue, HI 96766).

Are you buying an existing TVR property?

The new owner should complete the current year renewal application form (minus attachments or payment) with its updated information and submit to the Planning Department within thirty (30) days of the recordation of the sale to keep the TVR file current and correct.