The County has a residential drop off recycling program called the Kauai Recycles Program. Kaua'i Recycles bins are located at the Hanalei Transfer Station, in Kapa'a at the end of Kahau Road past the Armory, the parking lot behind K-Mart in Lihue, Brenneke’s parking lot in Poipu, the Lawai Post Office, the Hanapepe Transfer Station, Waimea Canyon Park, and the Kekaha Landfill. Glass containers, Aluminum & Steel cans(including foil, pie & food pans and cans), Cardboard, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, and Plastic #1 and #2 are accepted for recycling. Mixed Paper includes white and colored paper, junk mail, envelopes with or without windows, magazines, catalogs, phone books, food boxes, and glossy advertisements. Plastic #1 and Plastic #2 include only bottles and jars, all other packaging types including trays and tubs are not allowed. The program is for residential use only.

The County also oversees the administration of the State HI 5 Deposit Beverage Container Program, where beverage containers may now be redeemed at redemption centers. See HI5 Program for locations and other questions related to the deposit beverage container program.

Businesses can bring their materials to Garden Isle Disposal located at 2666 Niumalu Rd. Call 245-2372 for more information.

Reynolds Recycling at 3460 Ahukini Road in Lihue, offers HI 5 redemption for plastic, glass and aluminum, and also offers scrap value for non-ferrous metals. They are open Monday through Saturday 9am – 5pm and closed for lunch between 12 pm – 1:30pm.

Where can I recycle OLD APPLIANCES?

Appliances from RESIDENTIAL sources can be dropped for recycling free of charge at any County Refuse Transfer Station (except Lihue TS). Appliances include refrigerators, washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, water heaters, air conditioners, etc. If you’re in the Lihue area, you must take your appliance to the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility- operated by Resource Recovery Solutions, located on the right side of the street on Puhi Road past the industrial area. The facility is open Mon.-Sat. 7:30 am – 3:30 pm; phone – 245-6919. Appliances from commercial sources must go to Puhi Metals, see estimated price list(PDF, 278KB). Please remove all food items prior to recycling. Mechanical fluids and refrigerants do not need to be drained from appliances. Usable and/or repairable appliances could be taken to Recycled Appliances, call Tashi at 808-652-0551.

Where can I recycle an old PROPANE TANK?

RESIDENTS: Propane tanks with VALVES INTACT ONLY are accepted from residents free of charge at the Hanalei, Kapaa, Lihue, and Hanapepe Refuse Transfer Stations. Tanks sized from 16 oz. up to 10 gallons (40 pounds) are accepted for recycling. Tanks exceeding 10 gallons (40 pounds) are not accepted at the Refuse Transfer Stations. The Puhi Metals Recycling Facility (245-6919) will accept tanks exceeding 10 gallons. Airgas (245-6766) will accept tanks exceeding 10 gallons for a fee of $50. If a new tank is purchased at Airgas, the fee is waived.

Note - do not attempt to remove valves yourself. Valve removal should be conducted by trained professionals only.

Residentially generated tanks without valves should be taken to the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility.

BUSINESSES: Commercial haulers are required to dispose of depressurized tanks at the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility. Please see estimated price list(PDF, 278KB), extra fees may be assessed if valve not removed. Note - do not attempt to remove valves yourself. Valve removal should be conducted by trained professionals only. Puhi Metals will accept tanks with valves for a fee.

Airgas (245-6766) accepts old tanks for recycling if you purchase a new tank from them. Home Depot (632-2740) offers a discount on a new tank if you bring your old tank in for recycling. Call for details.

What can I do with OLD PAINT?

If the paint is still in good condition and more than half full, you can donate it for reuse to Habitat for Humanity in Hanapepe. They can be reached at 335-6105. If it is dried up, it can be thrown in your regular trash. If it is Latex paint, old and in liquid form, it is non-toxic and must be thrown in the regular trash once it is solidified. To solidify the paint, pour it onto newspaper or cardboard in a well-ventilated area and let dry. Another option is to absorb the paint using shredded newspaper, kitty litter, or shredded rags. If the paint is Oil Based, old and in liquid form, it can be taken to our bi-annual Household Hazardous Waste collection events. See our web page at HHW for event dates. Old paint cans can be taken to Puhi Metals Recycling Facility where the metal will be recycled. Call the County Recycling Office at 241-4841 for more information.


Motor oil is accepted at all County Refuse Transfer Stations and at the Kekaha landfill. Motor oil should be transported in a clean container with a lid. This program is for residents only. A maximum of 5-gallons per household per month is accepted. Please complete the sign-in form when depositing motor oil. Acceptable products include crankcase oil, gear oil, transmission oil, power steering oil, diesel fuel and lubricating oil. Unacceptable products include thinners, gasoline, carburetor cleaners, brake cleaners, brake fluids, solvents, anti-freeze, and PCB oil. If you know your motor oil is contaminated with water or other products, please tell the attendant at the transfer station so that it can be deposited with contaminated oil.

Motor Oil Filter Recycling: After draining your motor oil from your vehicle, take your old motor oil filter to any of the County Refuse Transfer Stations to be recycled! Filter recycling is important because each filter contains residual oils that can leech into the landfill if not recycled!

Where can I recycle BATTERIES?

Kaua'i Resource Center, 3460 Ahukini Road in Lihue. Site is closed on all State Holidays. Alkaline (dry cell), NiCad and Lithium. TERMINALS OF BATTERIES 9 VOLTS AND HIGHER MUST BE TAPED BEFORE RECYCLING! This program is for residents ONLY. Commercially generated batteries will not be accepted. For more information on battery recycling call 241-4841.

Car (lead acid) batteries, APC or UPS backup batteries are NOT accepted.

PS&D Tires/Napa Auto Parts accepts any quantity of lead acid batteries, including car batteries, boat batteries, and UPS backup batteries (casing from backup batteries must be removed). Batteries are accepted free of charge at their Lihue store. If you have 5 or fewer batteries, you can also take them to Kapaa and Hanapepe locations.

  • Home Depot in Lihue accepts rechargeable batteries Ion (Li-ion), Small sealed Lead(Pb) that are less than 2 lbs or 1 k.
  • EH International, call (808) 652-8486 for information on lead acid battery recycling and disposal.
  • All batteries listed above are accepted for recycling at our annual Household Hazardous Waste collection. Call 241-4841 or visit HHW for more information on the next HHW collection event.

Where can I recycle PLASTIC?

Plastics #1 and #2 bottles and jars without lids are recyclable at any of the Kaua'i Recycles drop bins. (Hanalei Transfer Station, Kapa'a at the end of Kahau Rd., Lihue behind KMart, Poipu in the Brennecke's Beach Broiler parking lot, Lawai behind the Lawai Post Office, Ele'ele next to the McDonalds parking lot, Waimea next to Waimea Canyon Park, and the Kekaha Landfill) located around the island. Kaua'i Recycles drop bins are for residential use only. #1-#7 trays, tubs, and other packaging are not allowed. REMOVE LIDS, labels are OK. Black plastic is NOT accepted and cannot be recycled because the color degrades the recycling mix. No containers 5 gallons or over are accepted.

Plastic Beverage containers marked with the HI5 symbol are redeemable for cash at any of the Certified Redemption Centers. Call 241-4337 or 241-4336 for more information.

Where can I recycle PAPER?

Colored Paper, white paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, food boxes, phone books, envelopes, soda boxes, etc. are accepted in the “Mixed Paper” bin at all the Kauai Recycles drop bins – materials must be from a residential source. There is a deposit slot on the bin to place your papers in. The deposit slot is sized to reduce contamination.

Where can I recycle SHREDDED PAPER from my home?

Shredded paper with a ¼” shred width or more is recyclable through the Kauai Recycles program. Shredded paper must be bagged, and placed in the old newspaper section (now mixed paper) of the Kauai Recycles bins. Composting is also a great way to “recycle” shredded paper, especially paper that has a shred width that is less than ¼”. Shredded paper is a good source of carbon, which is the main ingredient to a compost pile. Residents are eligible to receive a free Earth Machine Composting Bin through the County Recycling Office by calling 241-4841 to schedule an appointment to watch a 10 min. video.

Are there professional agencies that can SHRED & RECYCLE SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS from my business?

Businesses can recycle shredded paper free of charge at Garden Isle Disposal's (GID) Facility at 2666 Niumalu Road in Lihue weekdays from 8:00am - 3:30 pm, closed for lunch from 11:00 to noon, or on Saturdays from 7:00 am to noon. Call GID at 245-2372 for more information. Also, businesses can bring Shredded paper to KCRS in Kilauea on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8am-4pm. Call KCRS at 645-1676 for more information. Suggested shred width is ¼” or larger.

Residents and Businesses can contact Shred-It: (808) 841-8833 or Access Information: (808) 673-3200. Access Information also accepts emails at hawaii@accesscorp.com, please reference "One time service (purge)" in the subject line if you do not have an account with them.

These companies charge a per-pound price for service at a premium due to the necessary insurance and security required to ensure that the records are properly shredded and recycled. If the price is prohibitive, we suggest that businesses sort the high security documents and perform internal shredding. For information on how to recycle shredded paper contact the County Recycling Office at 241-4841. For questions on certifications, insurances, and bonds, please contact the respective companies.

Where can I take wooden PALLETS?

For disposal: Pallets must be cut into 3 ft lengths for disposal at transfer stations, or can be dropped off whole at the Kekaha landfill.

To recycle: Green Earth Matters (GEMs) grinds the pallets up to create useful material and items such as stormwater diversion socks. GEMs is located in Moloaa near the fruit stand and adjacent to Heart & Soul Organics. They charge $119 per ton to receive pallets whole. Contact them at 808-651-2058 for more information.


eWaste will be accepted for recycling at the Puhi Metals Recycling Center located at 3951 Puhi Rd. eWaste will be accepted Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am-3:30 pm.

Open to both businesses and residents. All brands are accepted, no quantity limits, and staff assists with off-loading. For businesses- bulky or heavy equipment may be subject to fees. Please call (808)-245-6918 to discuss loads and request an estimate.

Where can I recycle my old CELL PHONES?


AT&T Wireless 3-3277 Kuhio Hwy, Līhu'e

Verizon Wireless 4454 Nuhou St., Ste 517, Līhu'e, and 4-831 Kuhio HWY, Kapa'a

T-Mobile 3-2600 Kaumualii HWY, Suite B-8, Līhu'e, and 4-831 Kuhio HWY, Kapa'a

Mac Made Easy, Kaua'i 3-3222 Kuhio HWY, Līhu'e, accepts Apple iPhones only for recycling

Target 4303 Nawiliwili Rd., Lihue; accepts cell phones at their recycling bins located at the main exit.

Cell phones are also accepted for recycling at the Puhi Metals Recycling Center located at 3951 Puhi Rd, Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am-3:30 pm.

Open to both businesses and residents for FREE! All brands are accepted, no quantity limits, and staff assists with off-loading. 

Does the County offer CURBSIDE RECYCLING?

The County does not offer curbside recycling services on Kauai.

There are two businesses on island that are accepting HI5 Deposit Beverage Containers at curbside: L&T’s Alternatives – 652-5654 and Shane's Recycling – 639-5031 or 332-8492. Please call directly for program details and potential fees for service.

Do you have tips for HOME COMPOSTING?

The County of Kaua'i distributes free Earth Machine home composting bins. See our home composting web page for information. Bins are available for distribution (Monday-Thursday) by appointment at the Kauai Resource Center in Lihue. Call 241-4336 to set up a pick up time.

I need information about disposal of HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE

Please see HHW for current information. Dates for the next event are posted there.


Please do not bring latex paint to the events, as it is not toxic and will not be accepted. If you need to dispose of non-flammable items right away, it is acceptable (but not preferable) that they be thrown in the regular trash as long as they are in a container that is secure. Any type of paint must in a dried state prior to placement in trash. Liquids must be absorbed in a media such as kitty litter, shredded paper, rags, etc. prior to placement in the trash. Businesses should contact a professional hazardous waste collector to dispose of this type of waste. There are no professional collectors on Kaua'i, but several on Oahu. For recent contracts, the County has worked with EnviroServices (808) 839-7222 and Pacific Commercial Services (808) 478-8930. If you have further questions about regulation of hazardous waste, please contact the State Department of Health at (808) 586-4226.

Where can I recycle USED TIRES?

Tires from passenger vehicles from a residential source are accepted at all County Transfer Stations and the landfill free of charge. Residents can bring up to eight auto and light truck tires per year, or four truck and high-performance tires per year. It is OK to leave rims on the tires. Industrial tires, and tires from non-residential sources are not accepted at County refuse stations; these tires may be taken to PS&D Tires in Lihue (245-9502), Unitek (246-9265), or EH International (808-652-8486) – call businesses to get information on handling fees. All tires are banned from the landfill on Kaua'i and will be recycled.

Where can I recycle SCRAP METAL?

Residents can recycle scrap metal (steel, stainless steel, and iron) and appliances at the Refuse Transfer Stations (Hanalei, Kapa'a, Hanapepe and/or Landfill), also at the Puhi Metals Recycling Facility free of charge.

Puhi Metals is open Monday – Saturday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Businesses can also deposit ferrous scrap metal at Puhi Metals free of charge. Businesses will be charged a fee beginning May 2017. Please see the estimated price list(PDF, 278KB) .

Market Price Redemption for copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel

Reynold’s Recycling Kauai Resource Center 245-7233 or (808) 487-280. They are open every day except Sundays from 9 am - 5 pm, closed at lunch from noon to 1:30 pm. Call for market price. Redemption of copper requires affidavit of ownership.

EH International, 1780 Haleukana Street in Puhi Industrial Area. Phone 652-8486 or 269-2577. Accepts aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel scrap and auto parts including radiators, transmissions, alternators, air con radiator. Pays out at market value. Redemption of copper requires a notary.

Where can I recycle LAWN MOWERS, and WEED WACKERS?

Residents and Businesses take these items to Puhi Metals Recycling Facility. Businesses will be charged a fee beginning May 2017 (estimated price list(PDF, 278KB)). No need to drain oils or gasoline as these fluids are properly managed at facility. Puhi Metals Recycling Center, 3951 Puhi Road in Puhi. Open Monday - Saturday from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm. Phone 245-6919.

Residential lawn mowers can be deposited with scrap metal at the Hanalei, Kapaa, and Hanapepe Transfer stations only if fuel and oil is removed.

Can I schedule a TOUR of the Kauai Resource Center or a PRESENTATION on recycling?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all tours and presentations are currently unavailable.

Please call 241-4337 for more information.

I want to establish a RECYCLING PROGRAM AT MY BUSINESS, what should I do?

Please call Keola Aki at 241-4195 for assistance. If you want to start right away, here are some tips: If you are a small business, you should stockpile materials and transport them to a recycling facility yourself. Garden Isle Disposal in Lihue accepts recyclables from businesses free of charge. You’ll need to get some durable receptacles to store and transport materials. Large plastic storage containers with lids are recommended, but you can also use cardboard boxes. If you are a large business, you may want to hire a contractor to haul materials for recycling. See our webpage for a full list of options and service providers: Business Recycling.

There is a locked dumpster near the KAUAI RECYCLES BIN. Is this for JUNK MAIL?

Yes. The bin is locked to reduce contamination, but there is a deposit slot on the front of the bin. The container accepts white and colored papers, window envelopes, glossies, magazines, catalogs, food grade boxes (wax-coated boxes prohibited), phone books, and newspapers.

Mixed paper including newspapers can also be dropped off in the old newspaper slot attached to the cardboard drop bin.

Where can I take packing materials such as PACKING PEANUTS, BUBBLE WRAP and STYROFOAM BLOCKS to be recycled?

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are accepted at the Kaua'i Resource Center for reuse. The main building has a drop and swap bin where these materials are also free to people who want to take them for reuse. For the convenience of others picking the items up, packing peanuts are not accepted loose; they must be bagged. Peanuts and bubble wrap are also accepted for reuse at the UPS Store in Lihue and Kapa‘a.

Where can I recycle old COMPACT DISCS (CDs) and DVDs?

There are no CD and DVD recycling options on island at this time. If you wish to participate in an off-island program, log onto https://www.backthruthefuture.com/free-cddvd-recycling/. This website provides valuable information on how to recycle your CDs and DVDs and their cases. Please be aware there is a cost for shipping.

Where can I recycle DRYWALL from construction and demolition projects?

Drywall is not recyclable on Kauai at this time as there is no facility (such as a composting site or a C&D processor) that is permitted by the State Department of Health to accept and process this material. At the discretion the landowner, drywall from construction can be ground on site and used as a soil amendment at the same construction site; if you are doing this, we recommend that you consult a composting or soil expert before proceeding.


Ink and toner cartridges only accepted if still in printer at Puhi Metals Recycling Center operated by Resource Recovery Solutions located at 3951 Puhi Rd, Lihue. Open Mon.-Sat. from 7:30 am- 3:30 pm.

Hopaco, 3145 Oihana Street in Līhu'e accepts Ink and/or Toner cartridges for recycling. All brands accepted, no quantity limits and it doesn't matter where you purchased your items.

Bring your Ink and/or Toner cartridges to Hopaco Monday – Friday 7:30 am - 5 pm and Saturday 8 am - 3 pm.

Walmart accepts ink cartridges in a drop box next to the ink cartridge sales area. Walmart is open from 6:00 am-12:00 pm.

Target accepts ink cartridges in their recycling bins located by the main exit. Open 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

What do I do with USED COOKING OIL & GREASE?

Food service establishments must secure professional services to properly maintain and pump cooking oil from grease traps. Please contact Kauai Grease Trap at (808) 337-9272 or 634-7232, email- kauaigrease@aol.com for quotes and information.

Used Cooking Oil from residents can be properly disposed by absorbing the oil in to old rags, newspaper, or other absorbent material, and discarded in the trash. If residents have large amounts of cooking oil they can collaborate with a local restaurant. Most restaurants have grease bins whose contents are recycled.

How do I dispose of MEDICAL WASTE or SHARPS?

Residents please follow the instructions below for safe disposal of used medical needles:

  • Sharps should be stored in a strong, leak proof plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle.
  • The container should be clearly marked “BIOHAZARD”.
  • When the container is full, it should be filled with one part bleach and ten parts water and allowed to soak for 20 minutes.
  • The solution should then be poured into a sink, and the container should be sealed with its original cap. As a safety measure, heavy duty tape should be placed on the cap
  • Dispose of the container in your regular household trash.

For more information, please see our "Medical Waste" web page on the tab to your left.

Where can I dispose of FIRE EXTINGUISHERS?

Fire Extinguishers are accepted at the locations below, both charge a $25 fee for disposal. There is a reduced fee if you purchase a new one from them, please call each location for more information. Contents are safely discharged and recycled when possible:

  • National Fire Protection in Puhi at 1626 Haleukana St, call them at 245-7202.
  • Kaua'i Fire Protection in Lihue at 3651 Lala Rd #5A, call them at 246-9507.

Where can I take a MATTRESS to be donated?

There are no reuse locations for mattresses. Please use social media outlets such as Facebook or Craigslist to sell or give away your mattress.

Beds can be disposed of at the Lihue Refuse Transfer Station or the Kekaha Landfill.

Where can I take APPLIANCES to be reused?

Habitat for Humanity: 335-6105, Restore Kaua'i: 639-3343 and Shared Blessings: 828-1825. Please CALL FIRST before dropping appliances off.

Where can I take pressed WOOD FURNITURE to drop off to be reused?

Habitat for Humanity: 335-6105, Hoomana Thrift Store: 821-7387, Restore Kaua'i: kauairestore@gmail.com, Salvation Army in Lihue: 245-7808, and Shared Blessings: 828-1825. Please CALL FIRST before dropping items off.

Where can I take infant TOYS & ACCESSORIES?

Habitat for Humanity: 335-6105, Hoomana Thrift Store: 821-7387, Restore Kaua'i: kauairestore@gmail.com, Salvation Army in Lihue: 245-7808, Shared Blessings: 828-1825, and Wilcox Hospital Auxiliary: 245-1320. Only items in GOOD CONDITION are accepted.

Where can I donate INFANT & CHILD CAR SEATS?

Due to new laws, thift stores are no longer accepting infant and child car seats due to safety precautions.

Where can I take my SATELLITE DISH to be recycled?

Satellite dishes are accepted for recycling free of charge (businesses may be charged for very large dishes) along with eWaste at the Puhi Metals Recycling Center located at 3951 Puhi Road. Satellite dishes are accepted Monday - Saturday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Call 245-6919 for more information.

What do I do with my FLUORESCENT LIGHTS?

New- The County accepts compact fluorescent and tube bulbs at our Kauai Resource Center located at 3460 Ahukini Road near the airport Monday-Friday from 7:45-4:30 PM. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early as there is a sign in process for bulbs.

Residents can bring their compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to be recycled at Home Depot in Lihue (632-2740). No tubes of any length will be accepted. Commercial bulbs are not accepted.

Fluorescent tubes and CFL's generated by residents are accepted at the County’s semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events. Please visit HHW for information on upcoming events.

If a resident cannot hold on to their tubes until the HHW event, they can dispose of tubes up 3 ft. in length in their curbside refuse cart after wrapping them in paper and tape to reduce the chance of injury to County Refuse staff. Tubes longer than 3 ft. can be brought to the Lihue Refuse Transfer Station or to the landfill by residents only.

Please note that LED and incandescent lights are not recyclable.

What are some examples of CONTAINERS that do NOT HAVE REDEMPTION VALUE?

The following is a list of examples of containers that are not covered under the Law. These are only examples; this is not a complete list.
Milk, Wine, Spirits, Liqueur, Medical Food, Infant Formula, Concentrate, and Syrup. Call the County Recycling Office at 241-4337 for more information.



You will need to separate the containers into glass, plastic, aluminum and bi-metal. It is required that you sort the materials before you come to the redemption center so that you don’t slow down the line of people waiting to drop off their materials.

However, you may sort at the center*, but we ask you do this before you get into line to drop off the recyclables. Please sort to the side or away from the line of people so that others who have already sorted their materials may move through quickly.

*Some redemption centers are not permitted to allow sorting on site and will require you to do it elsewhere. Please check with the center before you arrive. Contact information can be found at HI5.

Why are certain beverages NOT HI5 ELIGIBLE?

As the current legislation is written,  products such as WINE, CHAMPAGNE, HARD LIQUOR, AND DAIRY PRODUCTS, are not covered by Hawaii's Bottle Bill.

Can I bring my BOTTLE CAPS in for HI5 redemption?

No. Plastic caps are not recyclable on Kauai. They will not be accepted by any of the island's HI5 Redemption centers if they are turned in with HI5 material.

What do I do with OLD SOLAR PANELS?

If solar panels are in fair condition they could be reused and reinstalled. Please contact Restore Kauai at kauairestore@gmail.com for more information on reuse.

As of June 7, 2021, new rules went into effect for photovoltaic (PV) solar panel disposal in Hawai‘i.

Solar panels should not be disposed of as refuse or as scrap metal.

Hot water panels are not the same as PV panels and may be taken to Puhi Metals Recycling Facility at no charge. Their facility is located at 3951 Puhi Rd in Lihue.

Solar panels, or photovoltaic panels (PV), can now be taken to Inter-Island Solar Supply for a fee. Please call ahead of time for pricing; 808-378-4080.

Inter-Island Solar Supply is located at:

1764 Haleukana St.

Lihue, HI 96766

Open Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 3:30 pm.

How can I dispose of ASBESTOS containing material?

Asbestos containing material is not allowed at Refuse Transfer Stations, and must be specially handled at the landfill. Please call Solid Waste Management at (808) 337-1416 to schedule a delivery date. Commercially generated asbestos containing material is subject to a special tipping fee of $218 per ton.

If you are a homeowner or business that suspects that you have asbestos containing building material and you have concerns, please consult a licensed and permitted hazardous waste disposal company with expertise in asbestos testing and abatement/removal. Do not try to remove the material yourself.

What do I do with expired ROAD AND MARINE FLARES?

The Coast Guard recommends firing off your expired road and marine flares during an appropriate time (4th of July or New Year's) while following all safety precautions as directed in the product packaging. Flares should not be carried during their burn, and the area should be clear of all flammable material and brush.

Flares used in this manner should not be placed on roadways or other public property as this may cause confusion in the case of an emergency.

Once the flare is burned completely all ash should be soaked in a bucket for thirty minutes to ensure no flare-up occurs, then drain and dispose of with normal refuse.

What should I do with SMOKE DETECTORS?

Smoke detectors may contain a minute amount of radioactive material, please see packaging or label for proper disposal. If your smoke detector does not have any special labeling or instructions, they can be disposed of with your normal refuse.

If the label states radioactive material is present, please contact the manufacturer for disposal instructions. The manufacturer will state whether the unit is safe for normal disposal or must be sent back to them.

See USPS directions for fire alarm disposal- Proper fire alarm disposal

Do not bring them in for eWaste or hazardous waste recycling as they will not be accepted.

What can I do with SOIL OR ROCKS that I want to dispose of?

This material cannot be placed in your refuse cart.

This material should be reused instead. If a contractor is doing landscaping work for you, removal of soil and rocks should be part of the job. If you end up with this material, Kauai Nursery and Landscaping may allow drop off at their facility in Lihue for a fee. Please call 808-245-7747 for information. This material could also be listed on Craigslist or provided to landscaping companies.

How can I recycle a disposable (one time use) HELIUM TANK?

Please drop off disposable helium tanks to Puhi Metals Recycling at 3951 Puhi Road. You can call them at 808-245-6919 if you have any questions or concerns.

Where can I dispose of a TOILET?

Toilets generated by residents can be taken to any refuse transfer station for disposal.

Commercially generated toilets can be disposed at refuse transfer stations with tip fee coupons if the vehicle is 3/4 ton capacity or less. Otherwise, they must be disposed of at the Kekaha Landfill.

What do CONTRACTORS need to know about Solid Waste Management on Kauai?

If you are a Contractor interested in doing business on Kauai, please note that you must have a landfill account to dispose of commercial waste. Information on the Kauai's landfill and the landfill account application can be found at the landfill. The web page also contains information on items restricted from the landfill and where to divert restricted items.

What should I do with old CONCRETE or CEMENT as a business or resident?

Businesses should recycle their cement and concrete with Pacific Concrete Cutting and Coring at 245-7171. They charge a minimum of $25 per ton to recycle this material. Please call them to setup an account and obtain location information.

Residents should consider recycling their material as well. Cement and concrete can be continuously recycled. Once it enters the landfill there's very little chance for reuse. If there's absolutely no option for recycling, please call the County transfer station supervisor at 212-4683 to discuss load amounts and disposal options.

Who can I contact for asbestos, mold, lead testing?

Owen Environmental is based in Lihue at 482-0724 and Kaua‘i Environmental on the North shore at 651-3977. Both can test for asbestos, mold, lead and other environmental health hazards. There are multiple Kauai companies that specifically do mold testing and remediation. Please refer to your local directory or online search engine for more information.

What goes where?

What Goes Where diagram

Where to go?

Where to Go diagram

What is the tire disposal fee for dealerships?

The tire disposal fee amount is determined by each dealership.

What should I do with live AMMUNITION?

Contact Rosa's Arms in Kapaa at (808) 822-5067. Website is http://rosasarms.com/

Can I recycle pallets on Kauai?

Yes, Green Earth Matters (GEMs) located in Moloaa near the fruit stand and adjacent to Heart & Soul Organics charges $119 per ton to receive pallets whole. GEMs grinds the pallets up to create useful material and items such as stormwater diversion socks.

Contact them at 808-651-2058 for more information.

What to do with BUTANE cans?

Butane cans with and without fuel can be taken to the Puhi Metals Recycling Center. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection is only for residents, it is not for commercial use.