photo of Kekaha Landfill Facility

Kekaha Landfill located at 6900 Kaumualii Highway # A, Kekaha, HI 96752 services the disposal of residential and commercial refuse. Bulky items such as mattresses and furniture can only be disposed at the Kekaha Landfill or the Lihue Transfer Station.

 Facility Operating Hours:

Landfill is open from 8:00am - 4:00pm. 

Hours of operation 8:00am - 12:00pm and 12:30pm - 4:00pm. 

Cosed for lunch from 12:00pm to 12:30pm.

Facility Management (808) 337-1416

Scale House (808) 337-9213

There is no charge for residents to use the landfill.

Commercial Tipping Fee Account

A Landfill Tipping Fee account must be established prior to dumping commercial loads. The application can be downloaded below. Once completed, applications can be emailed to or or faxed to the County of Kauaʻi Solid Waste Office at (808) 241-688. 

The landfill tipping account’s billing cycle starts from the 26th of the month to the 25th of the next month. Bills are normally mailed out the following day after the bill cycle ends. When hauling for another company with an existing landfill tipping account, a 3rd Party Billing form must be submitted prior or on the 25th of the month to ensure proper application of charges.  

Questions regarding the application process please call County of Kauaʻi Solid Waste Office (808) 241-4091 or 241-4840. Due to COVID19, office hours have been temporarily changed to Monday through Thursday from 6:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

For delivery of asbestos-containing materials or other waste that requires special handling see "Special Waste" below.

Have driver's license and vehicle registration ready upon entering the landfill. Drivers please follow the landfill safety rules see below.

Tipping fee coupons are redeemable at the refuse transfer stations only. For more information on tipping fee coupons please visit our Refuse Transfer Stations web page.

Current Rates

Current Rates (Dollars per Ton)


Municipal Solid Waste $119
Asbestos-containing materials $218
Dead animals $119

Minimum Fee for any load of Municipal Solid Waste and dead animals

Minimum Fee for any load of asbestos-containing materials $218
Asbestos-containing materials or other waste that requires special handling see "Special Waste" below.

Landfill Forms and Application

 TitleDescriptionModified Date
3rd Party Billing FormSubmit this form no later than the 25th of the month to ensure proper application of charges4/23/2019
Landfill Tipping Fee ApplicationApplication must be completed prior to entering the landfill.6/4/2020
Notification of Change of VehicleUpdate vehicles on account10/4/2017
Special Waste ProfileSpecial Waste profile for waste require special handling due to its physical characteristics, potential impact on the environment, size, and regulatory classification . 3/16/2020

Materials Prohibited from the Kekaha Landfill

Section 21-7.3 of the Kaua'i County Code Prohibits certain material for the Kekaha Landfill- Please see Notice to Haulers for more information.

Special Waste

Special Waste is defined in the Solid Waste Management Permit No. LF-0042-16 for the Kekaha Municipal Solid Waste Landfill and means any solid waste which, because of its source or physical, chemical, or biological characteristics, requires special consideration for its proper processing or disposal, or both, and includes, but is not limited to: asbestos; semi-solid wastes including dewatered car and equipment wash wastes, sewage sludges; underground storage tank and other sludges; off-specification and outdated products baghouse dusts; inorganic filter cakes; treated infectious waste;  and dead animals and offal.

Special Waste also includes contaminated materials such as: contaminated soils and debris, including: resins and chemical debris; petroleum and other contaminated soils; and petroleum fuels (i.e., used oil, diesel, jet fuel, gasoline) and debris, sandblast grits, waste that are toxic in nature, such as insecticides, poisons, or radioactive materials (provided that they are not regulated under another authority such as RCRA Subtitle C, TSCA that requires disposal other than at a permitted MSW landfill), and other solid waste, which may be accepted for disposal such as contaminated industrial/commercial waste and non-TSCA regulated PCB waste, provided such materials are not regulated hazardous waste. 

The landfill also explicitly prohibits disposal of fresh or frozen uncooked shrimp and other crustaceans.

Acceptance of Special Waste

Please call (808) 337-1416 for guidance on Special Waste. Customers must complete and return a Special Waste Profile that will be reviewed and approved prior to disposal. Please download and complete the form before sending it to FORM- Special Waste Profile (after downloading to your PC you will have the option of digitally signing or printing for physical signature).




The Kekaha Landfill has adjusted operations to accommodate construction of its expansion cell. This change in operations has resulted in a need to suspend acceptance of asbestos containing materials for nine months to a year.

Contractors are urged to either delay production of asbestos containing waste or seek out other appropriate options until such time that the County of Kaua‘i issues an announcement to resume asbestos disposal operations at the landfill.

Appropriate options to dispose of asbestos include PVT C&D landfill on O‘ahu. Asbestos disposal information can be viewed at the company's website at:

Should there be any change in this policy or potential to accept smaller loads, we will notify contractors directly. Please call Allison Fraley at (808) 241-4837 with questions.

Information on Diverting Prohibited Materials


Cardboard and other business recycling-

Metal, Appliances and Motor Vehicles-

Green Waste-

Used Tires-

Toxic and Hazardous Waste: This type of waste is regulated by the State Department of Health Hazardous Waste Branch. For information on regulatory matters, contact them at 808-586-4226.

Residents, please see-

Electronic Waste-

For all other info see-

Safety First

Safety Rules for Kekaha Sanitary Landfill While on landfill property, you must follow these safety rules:
  • Seat belts must be worn while driving on the Kekaha Sanitary Landfill property.
  • The SPEED LIMIT on the landfill is 15 mph.
  • Please follow the landfill signs directing you to the offloading area. This location changes day to day. Residents must offload at the material drop off facility.
  • Scavenging is strictly prohibited.
  • Always wait for the spotter to instruct you where to dump your load. If there is no spotter, the bulldozer operator will provide instructions to you.
  • Operators must maintain a safe distance between vehicles while in the offloading area. This means 15 feet between non-tipping vehicles and 1.5 times the length of the trailer or bed for tipping vehicles.
  • While in the offloading area, a high visibility safety vest/shirt and safety boots must be worn by all government and commercial drivers anytime you get out of your vehicle and hard hats are recommended. Homeowners are exempt from this requirement.
  • While in the offloading area, only the driver may get out of the truck. While out of the truck, you must remain within 6 feet of your vehicle.
  • Failure to follow any of the above safety rules may result in you being prohibited from entering the site in the future.
Any questions please proceed to the Waste Management Office or call (808) 337-1416

Other Useful Resources

Downloadable PDF Flyers on the following webpages:

Call Recycling Office at (808) 241-4841 or visit for additional commercial recycling options.