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Welcome to the County of Kauai Guide to Permitting
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The information contained here is to enable you with complete and accurate information on what is required from you, the applicant, to ensure the best possible turnover time in obtaining your building permit.

How Do I Get Started?
You begin by completing a Building Permit Application and a Zoning Application.
The Building Permit Application can be obtained from the Building Division. The Zoning Application can be obtained from the Planning Department. Our application forms are a special carbon type format. Because of this form type requirement, we are currently unable to provide these applications online.

Please begin by doing the following:
  1. Read our Building Permits Minimum Requirements document, including plan drawing examples appendix. Also read the Owner-Builders in Hawaii: A Guide to State Regulations.
  2. Complete Permit Application Checklist (Residential / Commercial).
  3. Properly complete a Building Permit Application (must pick up at Building Division)
  4. Properly complete a Building Contractor's Statement
  5. Properly complete a Zoning Permit Application (must pick up at the Planning Department)

Important: There are a few things that must be completed correctly to ensure successful application submittal.

  • Tax Map Key (TMK) must be correct. See our TMK 101 document for instructions for providing a correct tax map key.
  • For electronic submittals, please refer to the Electronic Plan Review information page to reference the applicant guide and much more!
  • New Address - If this building will need a new address, our Engineering / Surveying division recommends that you use their Surveying and Mapping Checklist when preparing for submission.
  • Zoning Permit Checklist - The Planning Department recommends using the Zoning Permit Checklist when preparing to submit your application for a zoning permit. Zoning permit applications can be picked up at the Planning Department or the Building Division.

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