Building Permit Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the County of Kauai Guide to Permitting
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How Do I Get Started?
You begin by submitting a Building Permit Application.

Please complete the on-line application (Found on our main webpage) or pick up a paper form at the Building Division office.

  1. Read our Building Permits Minimum Requirements document, including plan drawing examples appendix. Also read the Owner-Builders in Hawaii: A Guide to State Regulations.
  2. Complete Permit Application Checklist (Residential / Commercial).
  3. Properly complete a Building Permit Application
  4. Properly complete a Building Contractor's Statement
  5. Properly complete a Zoning Permit Application (must pick up at the Planning Department and submit to their office)

Important: There are a few things that must be completed correctly to ensure successful application submittal.

  • Tax Map Key (TMK) must be correct. See our TMK 101 document for instructions for providing a correct tax map key.
  • For electronic submittals, please refer to the Electronic Plan Review information page to reference the applicant guide and much more!

Other Useful Material: