The Engineering Division counter will remain closed to public access until further notice.  Plans for review, permit applications, or other documents may be dropped off in the boxes located at the Engineering Division lobby in the Mo‘ikeha Building at the Līhu‘e Civic Center, Suite 175 Monday thru Friday 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. without an appointment.

General inquiries and communications with the Engineering Division 
shall be through phone at 808-241-4883 or by emailing  

  1. A representative from the Division will return messages within 48 hours of the call or email.
  2. Applications and other related forms can be found online at
  3. If you must speak with one of Engineering Division's staff members or need an acknowledgement stamp/receipt, use the contact information above to make an appointment.
  4. Consulting engineers, contractors, or members of the public who have been working with or have contact information for other Engineering Division staff may contact staff members directly via phone or email, however, responses may be delayed. If a response is not received in 24 hours, use the contact information above.

Correspondence and plans for review can be mailed to:

County of Kaua‘i
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
4444 Rice Street, Suite 275
Līhu‘e, HI 96766



Division Functions

The Division provides general engineering and surveying services for the Department. It also provides recommendations and technical support services to the Administration and the County Council, when such services are required. It is primarily tasked with the responsibility of administrating the Grading, Grubbing and Stock piling Ordinance, the Flood Plain Ordinance, the Speed Hump Ordinance, and the Drive-way Approach Ordinance. In addition, it also manages the Building Address and Numbering System Program. The Division also provides engineering review and comments for subdivision applications, zoning and use permit application, and building permit applications.

There are 3 divisions within the Engineering Division:

Engineering Division Services

  • Grubbing, Grading and Stockpiling Ordinance
  • Speed Hump Ordinance
  • Storm Water Management Program
  • CIP and M&R (Roads and Drainage Facilities) Design and Construction Program
  • CIP and M&R (Roads and Drainage Facilities) Construction Management Program
  • Building Permit Review Program
  • Field Surveys and Mapping Program
  • Subdivisions/Consolidations, Zoning, and Use Permit Review Program
  • Driveway Approach Ordinance
  • Regulatory Signage, Street and Traffic Lights, and Road Construction Permits Program
  • Street Address Assignment to New/Existing Buildings

In addition, the Division provides recommendations and technical support to the Administration and the County Council at public hearings, informational meetings, and advisory committee meetings.

Contact Information

County of Kauai - Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
Michael Moule, P.E., P.T.O.E.,  Division Chief
4444 Rice Street, Suite 175
Lihue, Hawaii 96766-1340

Phone: 241-4883
Fax: 241-6609

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Hours of Operation: 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Monday thru Friday, except state and county holidays.

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