Division of Auto Maintenance and Motor Pool

Mission Statement

The Auto Maintenance Shop provides repairs and maintenance to vehicles and equipment so the County of Kauai can provide the services that insure the health and welfare of the people of the County of Kauai.

Department / Division Goals

  1. Repair and maintain all vehicles and equipment to keep them in a safe operating condition.
  2. Work closely with other County of Kauai departments and divisions to obtain the most appropriate vehicles and equipment to get the job done more efficiently.
  3. Keep vehicle and equipment repair costs as low as possible.
  4. Minimize vehicle and equipment down time.

Program Description

The Auto Maintenance Shop performs all aspects of automotive, construction equipment, and small engine repair. The Auto Maintenance Shop also provides and monitors all public works fuel usage and has the capability to refuel and service equipment out in the field. The Auto Maintenance Tire Shop repairs and replaces tires for all County of Kauai vehicles and equipment with the exception of Fire Department vehicles. Machine shop services and welding are done in house and is especially useful in creating parts that are not available or obsolete. Many requests for welding services originate from the Building Maintenance Division and the Roads and Highways Division in the form of bridge, railing, and storm drain grating repair/fabrication. The County of Kauai's Equipment Operator Trainer works out of the Auto Maintenance Shop Office to train and retrain employees on our many different types of vehicles and equipment to increase productivity and safety on the job. The Accident Review committee with the ultimate goal of preventing future accidents reviews all accidents.

Program Measures

  1. To increase safety levels and minimize breakdowns by properly maintaining all vehicles and equipment.
  2. Provide training across the board for all Auto Maintenance Shop staff to keep up to date with the ever-changing technology.
  3. To provide a quick turnaround time for vehicle and equipment service/repairs to allow all County of Kauai agencies to perform their duties more easily and efficiently.