Roads Division

Mission Statement

To maintain COUNTY of KAUAI roadways in a manner that will safely convey vehicular and pedestrian traffic. To maintain major drainage facilities. To provide county wide support with equipment and labor.

Division Goals

  • To make County roadways and bridges safe for public use.
  • To anticipate and address road, bridge and drainage needs.
  • To make the best and most efficient use of the Division's resources.
  • To improve internal and public communication.
  • To instill pride in the jobs that we perform.

Program Description

  • Roadway pavement repairs
  • Replace faded roadway striping, crosswalks, markings
  • Road sign & traffic safety devices, installation, repair, & replacement
  • Hanapepe Levee & Waimea Levee maintenance
  • Bridge repair & maintenance
  • Supports the County's Solid Waste Division & Dept. of Parks and Recreation on a regular basis and other agencies on an as needed basis.
  • Storm drain maintenance

Report Issue to Roads Division

  • Pothole
  • Vegetation on Roadway
  • Overgrown Grass
  • Sign Knocked Down
  • Sign Missing
  • Dead Animal in Roadway
  • Blocked Drain
  • Other

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Road Resurfacing and Bridge Map

IWRR and Bridge Status Map Screen

IWRR and Bridge Status Map Screen

The Public Works Department's Road Resurfacing and Bridge Status Map tracks the progress made for our Island Wide Road Resurfacing projects. This map can be used to view the projects' location and costs along with the condition of bridges throughout the county. Motorists can use this map to navigate to specific areas within the county, search for information on a specific road, and plan their routes around potential traffic delays.

Click Here to Access the Map Click Here to Access the Map

Road Resurfacing

Title Modified Date
2020 IWRR Road List - Updated(PDF, 266KB) 6/2/2020
TENTATIVE - 2021 Paving List of Roads(PDF, 153KB) 1/24/2020
ORD 1021 General Excise and Use Tax Surcharge(PDF, 234KB) 10/9/2019
Road Resurfacing Policy(PDF, 135KB) 6/5/2019