Income Based Vehicle Hauling Program

County of Kauai Income Based Vehicle Hauling Program


The Income Based Vehicle Tow Program is a one-time income or need based program to facilitate the safe disposal of vehicles from private or public property for residents, non-profit agencies, and small farmers.

Who can apply:

  1. Residents at or below the Very Low Income level as established in the Kaua‘i County Housing Agency – Section 8 Division April 1, 2024, circular.
  2. Non-profit entities that provide a public service for the residents of the County of Kaua‘i, and that require a vehicle(s) removed from their property.
    1. Examples- property of churches, synagogues, community outreach centers, community support centers, homeless assistance programs, etc.
    2. Non-profit entities may be those contracted by the County, State, or Federal government, however, property management must be the responsibility of the non-profit entity.
  3. Small farmers clearing private, County, State, or Federal property that is leased or owned by local small farmers with a gross cash farm income of less than $350,000. 

Who does not qualify for service:

  1. Residents that are not at or below the Very Low Income level.
  2. State or Federal Agencies.
  3. Businesses other than small farmers as defined above.

Priority will be given to clearing of vehicles from residential properties. Non-profits and small farms will be serviced once all residential towing has been completed. New residential service requests will supersede existing non-profit and small farm requests.

What documentation is needed to apply:

For Residents

  1. Proof of income qualification.
  2. Two forms of proof that the applicant resides at the subject property (electric bill, property tax, other service bill, etc.).

For Non-Profits

  1. Proof of non-profit status and documentation showing community service.
  2. Two forms of proof that the applicant is located on the subject property (electric bill, property tax, other service bill, etc.).

For Small Farms

  1. Proof of gross cash farm income level.
  2. Two forms of proof that the applicant is located on the subject property (electric bill, property tax, other service bill, etc.).

For All Applicants

  1. Completed Vehicle Hauling Request Application including information about each vehicle (make, model, year, color, VIN, etc.)
  2. Photographs of vehicle(s) (front, back, and both sides)
  3. Photograph(s) of the approach to the vehicle. Highlight any obstacles or areas of concern.

If approved, all applicants will be required to:

  1. Complete a Vehicle Hauling Service Request form provided by the County, and a Vehicle Hauling Service Waiver form.
  2. Provide a DMV approved Junking Affidavit or Vehicle Disposal Waiver form for all vehicles. If using a waiver you'll need to provide a copy of your driver's license or other ID.
  3. Remove all refuse or other material from the vehicle including loose tires, wood, building materials, scrap metal, etc.

All Requesters are required to contact KPD to report any vehicles abandoned on their property.

Upon completion of the Service Request form the County will schedule the towing of the vehicle(s) from the property. If the vehicle is not present or if the vehicle is not in the condition reported the County may forego service now and in the future.

This is a one-time service. The County expects that customers will endeavor to restrict access and implement a process so that vehicles do not accumulate on their property.

The County has the right to limit how many vehicles and vehicle types that are towed from a property.

Funding is limited and there is no guarantee of service. Approved applicants will be placed on a waiting list if funding is exhausted before service.

To apply, please click login here and choose the "Public Works\ Solid Waste" button: 

For those that do not have internet access, please call 808-241-4841.

Income Limit Table: