Chaplaincy Corps

The Kauai Police Department is excited to announce the members of its new Chaplaincy Corps. Some of the responsibilities of the Chaplains Corps include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Serve the officers, employees, and families of the department.
  2. Provide spiritual support and encouragement.
  3. Becoming familiar with the problems and challenges facing on duty field officers by participating in the “Ride Along Program”.
  4. Becoming familiar with and develop rapport with departmental employees in order to be able to identify personal problems and offer timely counsel.
  5. Assist officers at critical incidents involving death or serious injuries when requested.
  6. Serve the community in crisis situations.

The chaplains can be contacted directly via the following listings below:

  • Chaplain Alpha Goto
    Waioli Church (United Church of Christ)
    5-5363A Kuhio Hwy Hanalei
    826-6253 office
    826-9762 home

  • Chaplain Steven Franks
    Assemblies of God (King's Chapel Kauai)
    Hanamaulu, Ele’ele, Hanalei/Princeville
    335-6845 office
    (479) 685-7150 cell

  • Chaplain Kevin Cram
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Kapaa Building across Pono Kai
    635-6422 cell

Kauai Police Department Chaplaincy Corps

photo of 2015 Chaplains

The above photo shows the 2015 chaplains as they appear from left to right. Thomas Contrades, Alpha Goto, Steve Franks, and Kevin Cram.