Domestic Violence

The Kauai Police Department takes a firm stance on Domestic Violence regardless of the identity of the perpetrator, and strictly enforces Domestic Violence laws.

If you are or have been a victim of domestic violence the Kauai Police Department is here for you. You may call Gina Kaulukukui, Kauai Police Department’s Domestic Violence Coordinator at 241-1695, where you may receive assistance with community referrals, preparing a safety plan and TRO preparations.

HRS §52D-16 (SB388)

Kauai Police Department's General Order; Abuse of Family and Household Members (G.O.42.14)

Standards of Conduct

Contact Information

Gina Kaulukukui
Domestic Violence Coordinator

Other Resource Numbers

  • Domestic violence 24 hour Crisis Line: 
  • Sexual Assault 24 hour Crisis Line: 
  • Family Violence Shelter: 
  • Child Welfare Services: