Alarm Registration

Purpose and Intent

Majority of emergency alarms the police department responds to are false alarms. The purpose is to reduce the amount of false alarms and encourage business and residential owners to use and maintain their alarm system properly.

Who Needs to Register Their Alarm System

Residential and Business entities that have an alarm system that is designed to elicit, either directly or indirectly, a police response must register their alarm system. Fire, motor vehicle, and medical alarms are exempt from registering.

How to Register an Alarm

To register your alarm, complete the KPD Alarm Registration/Permit Application and send a payment of $25 to:

County of Kauai
Alarm Records and Billing

3990 Kaana Street, Suite 200
Lihue, HI 96766

Permits are good for one year from the date the application and payment is received and must be renewed annually. Unregistered alarms will be charged a service fee of $100 for each false alarm occurrence.

Service Charges and Fees

Service Fee
New Permit $25
Renewal $10
Service Charge – 1stand 2ndFalse Alarm (registered alarms) $0
Service Charge – 3rdFalse Alarm and subsequent (registered alarms) $150
Operation of a Non-Registered Alarm System $100