Administrative and Technical Bureau Mission

The overall mission of the Administrative and Technical Bureau is to provide support services to other police elements within the department, as part of a concerted effort to assist them in attaining their goals and objectives. Equally significant are bureau services that are provided directly to the public, especially via the Records and Community Relations sections.

Administrative and Technical Bureau Overview

The authorized strength of the bureau is presently at 35, including 13 sworn officers and 22 civilian positions.  

Operational facets include overseeing the department’s budget, maintaining payroll, and keeping pace with personnel, human relations, and workplace environment issues. The Training section coordinates all official department training, including the police academy for newly hired recruits.

Recruitment and retention of personnel, especially sworn police officers, remains a high priority for the department, with the Training, Research & Development, and Personnel Sections taking lead roles in addressing this critical area.

Sections of the bureau

The bureau is comprised of the following sections:

  • Fiscal and Personnel Section
    • Fiscal Officer II
    • Departmental Staff Assistant II
    • Grants Specialist II
    • Accountant I
    • Pre-Audit Clerk
    • Program Support Technician II
    • Senior Account Clerk II
  • Records Section
    • Police Records Unit Supervisor
    • Police Records Analyst
    • Police Reports Reviewer II
    • Police Evidence Custodian I
    • Police Warrants Clerk
    • Weapons Registration Clerk
    • Police Records Clerk
  • Research & Development Section
    • Police Lieutenant
    • K-PAL/Community Relations Sergeant
    • School Resource Officer Sergeant
    • Research & Development Sergeant
    • Police Officer II
    • Police Equipment Maintenance Coordinator
    • IT Project Coordinator
  • Training Section
    • Police Lieutenant
    • Police Sergeant
    • Police Services Officer

Additional elements of the bureau

The bureau also has the following elements:

Contact Numbers

Important Contact Numbers & Public Service Information:

Assistant Chief 241-1605
Captain 241-1646
Records Section  
Records Supervisor 241-1688
Police Records/Reports 241-1661
Legal Documents 241-1667
Evidence Section 241-1655
(lost/found; property release)
Firearms Registration 241-1663
(applications, permits, registration)
Research and Development Section  
Lieutenant  241-1697
Sergeant 241-1647

Training Section   
Training Lieutenant 241-1686

Training Section

The Training Section continues to progress in improving services and programs to address areas of increased liability risk for the Kauai Police Department. The section also provides quality training programs for personnel in an effort to keep up with the continuously advancing technological field of criminal investigations.