Electronic Plan Review Setup

Note to existing users

If you've installed Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) components prior to July 29, 2014, you will need to uninstall the existing components before installing the updated components. Please refer to the Uninstall ePlan Components page.

Use ePlan with Windows and Internet Explorer (recommended)

Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) is designed to function using Windows and Internet Explorer.

Use ePlan with a Mac and Firefox or Safari

Only computers with Intel-based processors are supported. ePlan users on the Mac platform will have limited zoom capability and will not have support for the 'compare two files' feature. For instructions on how to setup your computer to use ePlan using a Mac, start by clicking the Apple logo below.

Apple Macintosh logo

Apple Mac

ePlan Browser Compatibility and Settings

It is recommended that you run Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) using Internet Explorer. However, the latest version of ePlan offers limited functionality with other HTML5-compatible browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. When using browsers other than Internet Explorer, ePlan will have limited zoom capability and will not support the 'compare two files' feature. Regardless of the browser you choose, it is important to ensure that the browser is compatible with running ePlan on your version of Windows or Mac. Please reference the ePlan Browser Options page for more information on ePlan supported browsers, operating system versions and browser configuration settings.