Lydgate - Kapaa Bike Path

Lydgate Park-Kapaa Bike/Pedestrian Path

As stated in the Environmental Assessment for the Lydgate Park - Kapa‘a Bike/Pedestrian Path (July 2007):

Act 50, Session Laws of Hawai‘i, 2000, requires that a proposed action’s impacts on the community’s cultural practices be disclosed in the environmental review process. A cultural impact assessment was conducted for the proposed Kapa‘a Relief Route by Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i (CSH) (Volumes I and II, 2004). Because the bike/pedestrian path corridor is fully contained within the highway corridor and both are linear transportation projects, the findings of the CSH study were reviewed for this environmental assessment. (p. 4-47)

The original Cultural Impact Assessment is being made available via this website with approval from the State of Hawai‘i, Department of Transportation (HDOT).

HDOT is currently preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Kapa‘a Relief Route project. Since the DEIS is not yet published, sections of the Cultural Impact Assessment related to the Kapa‘a Relief Route project have been deleted. Text from the original study has not been altered, and the deletions do not compromise the integrity of the information or the authors’ findings.

CIA abridged for Lydgate(PDF, 4MB)

County consultants presented a briefing on the results of environmental studies on the Lydgate - Kapa‘a leg of Ke Ala Hele Makalae at the Kauaʻi War Memorial Convention Hall on December 7:

Lydgate - Kapaʻa Path Design(PDF, 4MB)

Lydgate - Kapaʻa Path Planning Process(PDF, 717KB)

Schematic Drawings for Adjusted Path Alignment

Cross Sections, Sheet X-1(PDF, 63KB)

Cross Sections, Sheet X-2(PDF, 61KB)

Cross Sections, Sheet X-3(PDF, 51KB)

Revised Path - Cane Haul Bridge to Kuamoo Road(PDF, 78KB)

Revised Path Layout 1(PDF, 63KB)

Revised Path Layout 2(PDF, 60KB)

Phase C & D Environmental Review Documents

CMAQ-0700(049) 106 Effect Determination Letter 11/26/13(PDF, 481KB)

Final EA for Lydgate-Kapaa Phase C & D (1 of 5)(PDF, 11MB)

Final EA for Lydgate-Kapaa Phase C & D (2 of 5)(PDF, 8MB)

Final EA for Lydgate-Kapaa Phase C & D (3 of 5)(PDF, 9MB)

Final EA for Lydgate-Kapaa Phase C & D (4 of 5)(PDF, 14MB)

Final EA for Lydgate-Kapaa Phase C & D (5 of 5)(PDF, 4MB)

FOE Figures and Photos(PDF, 4MB)

Vol 1 Effect Determination, part 1 of 2(PDF, 9MB)

Vol 1 Effect Determination, part 2 of 2(PDF, 6MB)

Volume 2, Appendix I(PDF, 5MB)

Final Environmental Assessment (2007)

Title Description Modified Date
FEA Summary(PDF, 2MB) FEA Summary 5/8/2007
FEA Cover Page(PDF, 925KB) Final Environment Assessment Cover 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 1(PDF, 227KB) Introduction 7/28/2014
FEA Chapter 2(PDF, 177KB) Purpose Of And Need For Action 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 3a(PDF, 1MB) Proposed Action 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 3b(PDF, 3MB) Proposed Action 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 4a(PDF, 2MB) Affected Environment, Impacts, & Mitigation 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 4b(PDF, 3MB) Affected Environment, Impacts, & Mitigation 11/20/2008
FEA Chapter 5(PDF, 185KB) Land Use Plans, Policies, and Controls 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 6(PDF, 239KB) Compliance With Federal Environmental Regulations 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 7(PDF, 68KB) Determination 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 8(PDF, 153KB) Findings 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 9(PDF, 137KB) Bibliography 4/23/2007
FEA Chapter 10a(PDF, 182KB) Consultation and Comments 4/24/2007
FEA Chapter 10b1(PDF, 7MB) Comments 4/24/2007
FEA Chapter 10b2(PDF, 7MB) Comments 4/24/2007
FEA Chapter 10b3(PDF, 7MB) Comments 4/24/2007
FEA Chapter 10b4(PDF, 7MB) Comments 4/24/2007
FEA 11x17s 1(PDF, 8MB) 5/11/2007
FEA Chapter 10b5(PDF, 7MB) Comments 4/24/2007
FEA 11x17s 2(PDF, 5MB) 5/11/2007
Appendices Title Page(PDF, 46KB) Appendices Title Page 4/24/2007
Appendix A1(PDF, 3MB) Section 4(f) Bikeway 4/24/2007
Appendix A2(PDF, 6MB) Section 4(f) Bikeway 4/24/2007
Appendix B(PDF, 440KB) Section 4(f) Bridge 4/24/2007
Appendix C(PDF, 6MB) Consultation 4/24/2007
Appendix D1(PDF, 7MB) Pre-Assessment Comment Letters 4/24/2007
Appendix D3(PDF, 7MB) Pre-Assessment Comment Letters 4/24/2007
Appendix D2(PDF, 7MB) Pre-Assessment Comment Letters 4/24/2007
Appendix E1(PDF, 4MB) Public Meeting 1 4/24/2007
Appendix E2(PDF, 7MB) Public Meeting 1 4/24/2007
Appendix F1(PDF, 4MB) Public Meeting 2 4/24/2007
Appendix F2(PDF, 5MB) Public Meeting 2 4/24/2007
Appendix G1(PDF, 4MB) Public Meeting 3 4/24/2007
Appendix G2(PDF, 4MB) Public Meeting 3 4/26/2007
Appendix H(PDF, 2MB) Minutes of Meeting on Papaloa Shoreline Path Alternative 4/24/2007
Appendix I(PDF, 2MB) Correspondence with Moanakai Road Residents and Property Owners 4/24/2007
Appendix J(PDF, 98KB) List of Preparers 4/24/2007
6-21-04 Letter(PDF, 711KB) Review Comments on Archaeological Assessment for Alternative Routes 7/29/2009
Archaeological Assessment of Alternative Routes(PDF, 8MB) Within the Ahupuaa of Wailua, South Olohena, North Olohena, Waipouli, Kapaa 7/29/2009