Project Environmental Assessment and Maps


Download various project documents from the list below.

Title Modified Date Description
Draft Environmental Assessment(PDF, 7MB) 1/2/2007 Ahukini to Lydgate park Bicycle/Pedestrian Path - 11/22/2005


Title Modified Date
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 1(PDF, 5MB) 8/18/2009
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 2(PDF, 6MB) 8/18/2009
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 3(PDF, 6MB) 8/18/2009
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 4(PDF, 6MB) 8/18/2009
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 5(PDF, 6MB) 8/18/2009
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 6(PDF, 6MB) 8/18/2009
County Land Use Map(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
FIRM FEMA Map 01(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
FIRM FEMA Map 02(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
FIRM FEMA Map 03(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
FIRM FEMA Map 04(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
FIRM FEMA Map 05(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
Soil - Preliminary Report 10-2005(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Map 2.1(PDF, 7MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Map 2.2(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Map 2.3(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Map 2.4(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Map 2.5(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Map 2.6(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Unit Map 3.1(PDF, 10MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Unit Map 3.2(PDF, 5MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Unit Map 3.3(PDF, 8MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Unit Map 3.4(PDF, 5MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Unit Map 3.5(PDF, 5MB) 8/18/2009
Soil Unit Map 3.6(PDF, 5MB) 8/18/2009
State Land Use Map(PDF, 323KB) 8/18/2009


Modified Date - 8/18/2009

(S- 1) Bridges Location(PDF, 4MB)

(S- 2) Segmental Retaining Wall(PDF, 1MB)

(S- 3) Wood Deck, Railing Bridge(PDF, 1MB)

(S- 4) Hanamaulu Retrofit Bridge(PDF, 1MB)

(S- 5) Rock Retaining Wall(PDF, 454KB)

(S- 6) Temp Segm Boardwalk(PDF, 644KB)

(S- 7) Prestressed Plank Bridge(PDF, 1MB)

(S- 8) Prestressed 90ft Girder Bridge(PDF, 1MB)

(S- 9) Bridge, Wood or TREX Decking(PDF, 1MB)

(S-10) Cross Section 2 Fairway(PDF, 545KB)

(S-11) Cross Section 1 Fairway(PDF, 482KB)

(S-12) Cable Bridge(PDF, 1MB)

(S-13) Lydgate Prestressed Girder Bridge(PDF, 1MB)

(S-14) Steadfast Bridge(PDF, 137KB)

Tax Map A(PDF, 59KB)

Tax Map B(PDF, 139KB)

Tax Map C(PDF, 80KB)

Tax Map D(PDF, 35KB)

Tax Map E(PDF, 59KB)

Tax Map F(PDF, 92KB)

Tax Map G(PDF, 94KB)

Tax Map H(PDF, 56KB)

Tax Map I(PDF, 76KB)